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Dating older guys?

Hey guys, I hope I don’t get judged too hard on this hence why I’m putting it on private but this is a bit of a weird situation with me and I would just like some friendly advice please don’t be too harsh!

So I’ve known this guy who lives next to me and he’s quite a bit older than me but I meet up with him every so often and go out for drinks and he takes me wherever I want to go but the thing is I’m a really emotional person and I do feel like he’s a bit of a ladies man and I’m just worried I will catch feelings for him because no one has treated me the way he has before and I really want to avoid that situation because I’ve had my heart broken before and I can’t tell when he is being serious with me. I know he probably just wants a hook up but should I leave before it gets too deep? Or should I just live in the moment and have some fun? I am really interested in him but I don’t think he would take me seriously because of the age gap.
Dating older guys?
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