Why am I hurting over something I did the right thing for?

I was trying to date this guy back then. It didn't work out. All we were doing, we were just having sex. He was giving me nicknames, calling me Babe and all. He told his parents/family/friends about me. This guy felt serious about. Out of the blue, he drops me out of no where. He honestly gave me red flags from the beginning, which it's my fault for not paying attention to. He was/is a recovering drug addict, admitted to being very insecure and a bit egotistical. He got mad whenever I was honest about talking to a guy friend on the phone. Nothing felt very easy. He needed a lot of reassurance.. I ended up gaining feelings for him.

Within time of him dropping me, he came back on a form of social media. Saying "Hope you are okay.." I'm dumb. I responded. He admitted to wanting a friends with benefits. I thought. "Pfft! No.." Telling him what I wanted. He listened. Listening turned into flirting. Things got sexual. After having sex, I kind of.. ghosted him.. just be deactivating a social media account. Days go by, he messages me AGAIN on Facebook. Saying "Wish you didn't block me.." Literally saying how he liked what we did last time.

Time goes on. We're having sex. This guy starts getting weird in conversation. Calling me baby girl. Gets very excited to see me. Explodes my phone if I fall asleep at night. Cuddles me naked after sex. Kissed me on the head goodbye. I gained feelings..

I messaged him, hurting. Telling him that I can't hook up anymore. How he can look at me in the face, and say all those cute things. So forth.. I sent him two long messages, and I deleted his number.

Why am I so upset? :(
1 y
I know I'm an idiot guys..

I don't know why he came back like that either.. Especially the beginning. Whenever he dropped me in the first place, he was telling me how psycho I was
1 y
He also mentioned before how maybe we dropped because of how.. "He's scared to go for something" Telling me that I know him better than he knows himself.
Why am I hurting over something I did the right thing for?
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