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Is she being Catfished?

I appreciate my friend a lot but she doesn't want to know she's being catfished, what do you think? is she or not, I had my suspicious since she was talking to him on FB, and he had and old photo and the resent photos of him doesn't seem to match. I'll puth them down. He hasn't video chatted just by voice. Has deep voice but he acts like a young.

Also, we tried google his image but no results. I see his nose doesn't match the old picture and lips too. But she seems inlove. I guess the only thing left is to be by her side until she wants to realize it. I'm scared of she gets to attached to him due to time passing by. What would you do?
Is she being Catfished?
Old picture od the guy, I guess this is the real one
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Is she being Catfished?
New pictures, yes she's been catfished
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Is she being Catfished?
Other new picture, Definitely Catfished
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She's not been catfished
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Is she being Catfished?
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