It's really hard for me to trust men?

Hi, now I have social media and spend lots of time on it.
I came across an account on tik tok her name was Trashley Anonymous. She went through her trauma and abusive family. Her brothers r@ped her when she was 14, and she resorted to sex work after that. She said that she's slept with over 60,000 men. That's a lot of guys and that's the size of my town actually. She did it for 20 years, has been on podcasts and such explaining what happened.

I've seen lots of stories like this, along with women getting assaulted. AND to be honest, I don't know if I want to get married and such. I'm terribly afraid I'm gonna marry a man who supports or supported this industry. I know it seems stupid. I'm on online dating apps and I just haven't met anyone. If I don't use online dating I'm never noticed. Everyone around me is always noticed.

Is there good men?
(I'm afraid to approach cause im large, and I know I'll be laughed at or treated as a joke.)
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I feel like it's common for people to fall out of love and I have a theory that everyone cheats eventually either emotionally or physically. I just don't think I'm gonna ever find it.
It's really hard for me to trust men?
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