Girl seems interested but is a VERY slow texter?


I met this girl through a mutual friend and later matched on a dating app, we go to the same college. When we first matched, she asked me out but it’s a month from now because we both have finals. We took the conversation off of bumble, but she’s a VERY slow texter. She did once specify that her senior year is very chaotic and that she doesn’t want me to think that she’s ignoring me. A week ago, she texted me asking if i’m on campus that day and we ended up hanging out for an hour. We exchanged numbers, and texted multiple times that day but then she didn’t respond. I sent her a video that I came across the next day and she still didn’t respond.

Although, the next day, she saw my friends and then searched for me because she knew I’m probably with them. I would’ve probably walked by, she didn’t have to leave her friends and initiate conversation with me. I saw her later, as well, and she was staring at me. Still hasn’t replied to my texts, though.

She’s always very engaging (asking questions, open body language) both irl and on text. She’s not very active on social media and did specify that her graduation project is taking up a lot of her time and energy. She also never checks her phone while we’re hanging out together.

Not sure if I should till finals are over and ask her about our supposed date, or wait for her to respond (although it’s been quite a few days) or take this as a sign of disinterest and leave her alone. Don’t wanna disrespect her boundaries or anything.

Girl seems interested but is a VERY slow texter?
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