We kissed sober but now....

Would a boy kiss you when he was sober if he found you unattractive? I know they kiss anyone when they are drunk but what about when there sober?

I kissed a boy soberly, but now he said he didn't like it and won't look at me, and every time I joke about sex or talk about other guys he acts like he doesn't want to hear me talk about it. Like he will say 'god there's some things you could keep to yourself' and will pull a face. And like if I say that a boy has been messaging me or something he will make sarcastic comments and sn***** about it. Or he will put boys that I meet down like once I met this boy who had a good job and he said 'oh I bet he isn't as good as that' and 'i know somebody that does it in half the time'

I am confused as I think well he must have found me attractive to kiss me so why does he act like this now? Any thoughts?


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  • he's right - there are some things you should keep to yourself. I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve by telling him other guys. make him jealous?

    it's unlikely that he's kiss you when sober if he didn't think you were attractive, but thinking you are attractive and wanting something more (like a relationship) are two very different things. try backing off and giving him a bit of space to work out what he wants. I don't mean ignore him, but less of the talking about sex and guys you've been texting

    • "thinking you are attractive and wanting something more (like a relationship) are two very different things."

      A lesson all girls need to learn and remember.

    • i'm not trying to make him jealous, we are a big group of friends/acquaintances so I'm not actually telling him directly if I tell somebody else or talk about my weekend with us all there, he just happens to hear and make these comments.

      I never said I wanted a relationship with him, I don't and I'm ure he doesn't want one with me.

      I just wondered why he is so off and unsociable with me after we kissed

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