What does seeing someone mean?

Is it dating...bit more serious?

There's a guy I met at a Christmas party who I felt I had good chemistry with as we were chatting for hours and then made our way in to town together, unfortunately it wasn't the right time for him as he wasn't over his ex, we didn't exchange numbers. I noticed the other day that he had 'admired' me on a dating website in February, but it is now April! :( I asked my sis to ask the host of the party if he was single, and he replied he is seeing someone. I've asked before for the host to pass on my number and don't think he has seeing as he has not been in contact.

I added the guy on to Facebook but he has not accepted, I feel I've missed a chance again :( He is still on the dating website but it doesn't give you an option of seeing whether they are active. Any advice or should I just take it as it obviously wasn't meant to be?

Would it be inappropriate for me send another message saying I've been in touch with ...(the host) and he told me you were seeing someone but didn't say how serious it was. Pass on my number and if he wants to get in contact when he's a free agent he can?


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  • Just be nice to him but don't pursue it...if he wants it he will come around. At least that way he won't see or feel he has you hooked and his frue feeling will either surface or sink. During the meantime...someone else may happen into your life that makes you forget all about who that guy was,LOL In Short...kick back and enjoy life and just act more like he is...no reason not to be respectful yet, don't go out of your way. Wait for that guy that does go out of his way...that's what everyone wants.


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  • I woulf say persue him... Be the real deal if your heart told you that he's the one for you then chase him till the end to the end of world and beyond if you have to

    Btw a word of advice don't follow everything to the last word use a little sense as well or he might get offended

  • when you said your friend asked the host if he was single and the host told her he's seeing someone, the host may have assumed he was seeing you and thought your friend was just some other girl.

    a breakup is hard to get over and he might not want to jump into another relationship because he needs time to heal. it's weird that he didn't at least offer to be friends though.

    • My sister asked her friend if he was single and he said he was seeing someone. I requested his friendship on Facebook and sent him my number and haven't heard so guess he's not even interested in a friendship if he's seeing someone so I'm just going to forget it and get on with my life, if he wants to know he has my number now.

    • that's good. as long as you did what you could to get him to notice you the rest is up to him.

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