Is dating once a week normal in the beginning?

There is this guy I have been seeing for about a month and a half.

Is dating once a week the norm when a guy works full time and is a Gym nut?

We mainly see each other on weekends. Never during the week.

I get texts from him every couple of days during the week, always on weekends, with him telling me about his day and with him asking about mine.

Should I be initiating dates as well? Could he be waiting for me to be doing that or is it better for the guy to do all the chasing?

I just thought that this would be the time where we can't get enough of each other and he would be looking for excuses to see me in person.

I know that things seem to be going well because he does keep in contact a fair bit. Even has initiated phone calls a few times. I never have rang him first. Does it sound like it is going well though regardless?


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  • Seems normal if you are busy but I need to at least talk to my girlfriend daily on the phone & vice-versa, not text. Like you stated, I can never get enough of her & we always find time even if it's at night before she goes to sleep. We've been together well over a year now.

    You should initiate every once in a while. If he has to do it every single time it will start to feel like your not into him much. Once you start feeling like your not wanted your motivation goes out the window after a while. Then you'll start noticing your spending less time with each other. It take both to make relationships work.

    • Alright. I will take note in that and initiate every once in a while. Just don't want to come off as too needy and clingy when I do start doing this.

      I have not left that too late? He still does seem interested. He was even confirming after I initiated texting him today that he was still keen catch up with me tomorrow evening.

      I kind of like the fact that we do not contact each other every day. If we did we would run out of things to talk about when we do actually see each other in person.

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    • Well I am glad I initiated sending a text today then. That would have let him known I was thinking of him. Especially before he went out tonight. He made it known that we were still catching up tomorrow so just gotta keep at it now and then and everything will be fine I think. Do things look good from what you hear so far?

    • Think he knows that I am pretty much there so yeah like I said before, fingers crossed it works out.

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  • Is dating once a week normal in beginning? yeah I think it is.

  • For girls, for guys 3 month could pass by without finding a date, sometimes 6 months, sometimes 9 months, even years. That's why men a re generally more needy around girls during dates, than girls around guys.

    That's also why girls end up having sex wiith the a**holes because they don't give a f***, they have 3 other girls they can call and therefore they look relaxed and cool during the dates.

    The good guys that actually have good long term intentions have a togher time showing their real value.


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