"Call me later" what does that mean?

I have been dating this guy for a few weeks now, and everything is OK, but after conversation he says "call me", or call me after you finish work". I understand that maybe it's his way of ending the conversation, but why do I always have to call him? (which I don't, I text him instead of call) I feel like I'm chasing him, and I don't want to that. How can I get him to call me instead of me calling him, or at least hint to him that he should call as well?

Thanks in advance! :)


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  • It means that he doesn't know when you transmute from the state of "unavailable" to "available" for communicative purposes. He thinks it is silly that he should keep on contacting you every 5 minutes until you decide that it is a good time for you to bother answering. So he tells you to initiate information exchange when you feel you are available. A basic premise is that he will be available all the time.

    • I guess that could be it, and I'm just getting confused for no reason.

      but like if I am available and he is busy he still tells me to call him, like last night when went to a concert or when is at the army base. Does that make a difference or not really?

    • This is exactly correct! He wants to talk to you, but he also doesn't want to disturb you or intrude on your life at an inconvenient time, PLUS he doesn't want to have to constantly keep trying over and over, so since HIS availability is much higher (or more predictable), he's asking you to call at YOUR convenience. It sounds like he always makes an effort to talk to you when you call, so having you call is more about YOUR convenience than his. It works better for both of you this way.

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  • i think it's his way of saying talk to you later...

  • When it's appropriate, like, next time he says, "call me," just text him back and ask him to call you. Also, at some point make him understand, you would appreciate getting a call from him every once and while instead of always having to call him first, plain and simple. Perhaps, add that it makes you happy to know he misses you enough to call.


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  • He probably just isn't that big on texting.

    That's all


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