What do you think of Wikipedia?

What do you think of Wikipedia?
Wikipedia is the most-used online encyclopedia and reference website, as well as being the 7th most-used website of all.

As of 21 December 2021, The English Wikipedia has 6,426,686 articles and 54,823,175 pages. There are 42,756,378 registered users who edit articles and add content on Wikipedia. In addition, there are 325 different language editions of Wikipedia (Spanish, French, German...).

Reviews of Wikipedia compared to other encyclopedias like Britannica and World Book have shown that Wikipedia is more accurate and more current. As an example of its currency, the recent tornado that affected several US states including the destruction of Mayfield, Kentucky had a Wikipedia article while the tornado was still moving, and a full and detailed description within hours of the tornado's end.

Many teachers and college professors do not allow students to use Wikipedia as a source, even though Wikipedia articles have references to trusted sources; that's a key guideline for all Wikipedia articles. Some people say that anyone who thinks Wikipedia is an unreliable source should continue their quest to find a better website.

So... what do you think of Wikipedia? Do you use it as a reference. Are you a registered user? Do you edit on Wikipedia?
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Wikipedia takes its accuracy and correctness seriously. There's an unbiased article on it that you might like to read:
What do you think of Wikipedia?
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