What work shift hours do you prefer?

I was trying to stick around til the summer at least but these mf hoes think they bout to have me workin night shift again. I don't know wtf they thought 😂 I quit my first job for having me work 2p-11p (plus i was doing everything myself and the team didn't do their part) and now these new whores think they’re going to assign me 12n-10p. This would be the second time for them. The first time back in 2018 they made me do it for two weeks but this time its for months. Lmao nah. They can keep thinking that shit. I’ll work til next week’s payday Friday and then I’m out if they dont fix my shit before then. My fam already mad cause they know that if i quit, they won't get to collect bill money from me. Dem bits must think we playin monopoly.
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11 mo
The only perk to this bullshit ass schedule is staying up late at night since I dont have to wake til lunch time 😂 This is not healthy because I’m ready to act up late night #TheFreaksComeOutAtNight 🤣
What work shift hours do you prefer?
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