Top 5 Most Popular 1990s Musicians Vevo Channels (One Not Vevo)

1. Nirvana Vevo

With the channel that has the most views on a 90s song : Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's not surprising that it's the most popular channel.Nirvana has many popular songs on their channel like. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Heart Shaped Box, In Bloom, About A Girl and more. Not surprising because Kurt Cobain is named. The Voice Of A Generation. With the popularity of their songs it's not surprising why. Nirvana practically controlled the radio and music television during the 90s and it still shows. They want you to Come As You Are and while your their subscribe to their channel they're awesome.

2. Mariah Carey Vevo

Mariah Carey is the most popular female musician of the 1990s. She has had so many popular songs in the 90s like Hero, Emotions, Dreamlover and Fantasy. She has the second most popular Vevo channel because of how much she did in the 90s. Mariah might have had trouble recently what she did on New Year's Eve but she still gets admired.

3. 2 Pac Vevo

2 Pac is the biggest rapper of the 90s. So it's no surprise how popular his Vevo channel is. He has many popular songs on his channel and no surprise since he was the most popular rapper of the 90s. He definitely has a popular channel.

4. The Notorious B.I.G

The Notorious B.I.G was the second biggest rapper of the 1990s. And is easily shown by his channel. Biggie Smalls made it big by his songs and his popularity in the 1990s shows it by how popular his channel is. Definitely a Biggie channel.

5. The Backstreet Boys Vevo

The Backstreet Boys is the most popular boy band ever not just in the 1990s. They made it big by not just women thinking they're pretty boys but by knowing how to present themselves in their songs. The popularity in the 90s shows by how popular their channel is. They were the the biggest boy band craze that ever happened a lot of it was because women thought they're pretty boys but even so many thought they had very presentable songs.


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  • Yeah those are pretty good picks of the 90s, I liked Mariahs songs during that time also

  • Notorius BIG Is my jam when I drive into the badlands.. also way over played song at strip clubs