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Disney+, My review and Pros and Cons of the service.

Disney+, My review and Pros and Cons of the service.

Disney Plus launched in the US, Canada, and Holland on Tuesday with it launching in Australia and New Zealand next Tuesday. Over all most people have positive reviews and the news has been good that it exceeded expectations having 10 million subscribers in 24 hours. Of course there's also the controversies about the crashes and incapability on some devices.

But, I want to share my experiences of all the pros and cons of Disney+. I know you have seen it all over Facebook and social media. First of all let's start with the pros.


It is relatively cheap at $7.00 US a month. It can also be bundles with Hulu and ESPN+ at 13.00 USD a month.

You can access a lot of movies that have been added to the Disney Catalog over the years. Classics such as Mary Poppins, The Computer that wore Tennis Shoes, The Absent Minded Professor, and other movies not been in circulation for years are now available.

This ends the exclusive "Disney Vault" gimmick where a classic tile like Peter Pan or Cinderella would only be released once every 7 years for a limited time. The classics are all there at once.

Seasons of Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Hannah Montana, Boy Meets World, and other Disney Channel shows are there at your fingertips.

The Star Wars series The Madalorian is one of the most popular titles on the service

ALL 30 seasons of The Simpsons are there at your disposal.


Some classic scenes in The Simpsons, Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, and others have been cut or edited due to outdated depictions.

Some titles are listed but will say they will not be available till at least 2020.

The Simpsons is shown in widescreen which a lot of people have said that you miss a lot of the jokes.

Some TV's do not have the capability to chromecast from your phone. More specifically Vizio TV's

So far I have watched 3 Seasons of The Simpsons, A Goofy Movie, Return to OZ (which sucked), Toy Story 3, and some of the Disney Pixar shorts. Overall I am very impressed and not had any problems streaming on my phone. I have more to catch up on on my days off. But I really want to see the new Lady and the Tramp.



Disney+, My review and Pros and Cons of the service.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I have not dived into it too deep yet but I've noticed buffering problems... I have yet to see if it's with other other devices
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    • Thank you for the MHO!! :) another one that I've found that is quite interesting... Try watching homeward bound: the incredible journey

  • selfdestruction
    I don’t like censoring, so I won’t be getting it
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    • I rechecked the scenes have not been cut but added a warning label in the description of the film

    • I can deal with that. Thanks for the update

Most Helpful Girls

  • CHARismatic110
    Super disappointed the The Famous Jett Jackson is not there. But also very excited to see So Weird there.
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  • qupid911
    Are almost all ORIGINAL disney and playhouse Disney shows on there? Cause that would be dope
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  • I really love the new star wars series they have going on there, only one episode though but it's sooo good, the fangirl in me wants to see more.
  • ShiftAC
    Death to the physical media
    • You call this physical media?

    • ShiftAC

      Do you get it? This is streaming services at its best right now.

      Physical media is the actual disks, hard copies which already get reduced over the year and now they might just be reduce more so.

      Hence, my expression.