Online friend says he care but doesn't show it?

Hi, I've been really depressed these past few weeks. I made an online friend a few months ago, and I really care about him. My friend and I have a lot in common and we've done some activities online a few times (e. g: watching movies or tv shows together, etc.). We know each other pretty well now.

My friend said that he's planning to reveal his identity soon so that we can be "real friends" on the internet, etc. I was really glad to hear it!

Now the thing is, it now takes him longer to respond than it used to (it now takes him either a few hours, which is fine, or 1-2 days). I know that he's been on some vacations for a few days and that he's a bit busy, but still. And sometimes, when I send him links to some great articles or videos, he says that he'll check them but he never does.

He texted me first a few days ago (in the middle of the day), asking how I was doing, etc. I appreciate that kind of text and I'm glad that he thought about me. But sometimes he just disappears in the middle of a conversation (e. g: to go to the restaurant or the store, etc.), etc. He also did that a few days ago in the middle of the night (he wanted to chat a little bit).

He basically said that he doesn't want to lose our friendship, but I am not sure if he really means it. I'm getting confused every passing days. Sometimes I feel like he's just texting me out of boredom 😥
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What should I do? I care about my friend but I'm not sure if he really does :/
Online friend says he care but doesn't show it?
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