Seperating from toxic family members?

I don't want my family involved in my life they create drama everywhere they go, can't communicate with each other, treats me poor ( abuse ) , blackmail towards me,, smear campaign, and has no respect for boundaries that I created.

I don't want them included in my home life once we move ( me and my kids ) in 3 weeks , relationship life with a new partner , or my personal life. They won't be able to call or text me once we're gone or visit my kids.

They have caused me a great deal of pain emotionally, mentally, and psychologically over the lsst few yesrs and since childhood. They won't get help and it's nothing I can legitimately forgive them of.

My mother and grandmother are by far the worse with their behavior. These people won't stay out my life or children's life despite they cause the bad abusive behavior. I want a normal life for me and my kids.. they are dysfunctional - sisters , mom, and grandmother.

I don't wantbto rekindle with them, but it seems they won't move on once we're gone. I don't want these people back in my life once we move. I don't want to love them from a distance or deal with them limited. Even if they get help it wouldn't change ny mind in dealing with them moving forward.
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I don't want these people back in my life and around my children.. I have negotiations in place for the estranged danily. family.. I can say they are evil and have bad intentions towards me.
Seperating from toxic family members?
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