My grown siblings and mother want to depend on me financially. what do I do?

i moved in with them two years ago because of covid and things were going alright. short after my mother opened her own business that lasted for a year or so before she closed the store because she would not keep up with the bills and spend more than what she should and could not making the bills her priority.

now this year my 19 year old high school drop out brother got a girlfriend and stopped working (he worked one month before he quit before he wanted to be with her and party with her every single day) so he comes home when she’s at school or at work and doesn’t do anything else with his day.

my 23 sister says she’s depressed and the doctor said she could find a job until she started going to therapy but she doesn’t do that either. she had two appointments and with the money that i gave her to go to those she got weed and that all she does, smokes.

i myself don’t make enough, i make 600€ a month and can barely make it last. right now i have no money in my account because even my savings they drained always asking me to buy them snacks and food for the house. i feel bad saying no because if me or my 29 year old sister don’t provide for them they don’t have a way to survive but all this responsibility i didn’t ask for is overwhelming for me. i want to start living my own life, buy my house and just enjoy being a single no kids woman while i can.

how do i stop feeling guilty and having this responsibility i didn’t ask for? i want to find my own place but they always say “i don’t went to move out”. what do i do?
My grown siblings and mother want to depend on me financially. what do I do?
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