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23 Years Old, Lonely, No Friends For Almost 5 Years... What Do I Do? Is It Escapable? My Life Story In Brevity.

In short, I was never really the guy with a whole bunch of friends and a slew of people texting me on my phone constantly as I went through school life. In elementary, I would say I usually had a reasonable number of...
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What’s Tiger Moms and How to Identify One

If you’re from Asia, you must be familiar with this. If not, be patient with me and I run you through it. Tiger moms are what we like to call a hot tempered, perfection seeking, and in some ways, toxic mom. Living my...
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How can I deal with almost never being invited?

I thought I had finally found some friends. The history There are mainly four girls in my class that I really like and who I invite all the time. Ever since the first holidays in this academic year (October) they haven't...
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My adventurous, adrenaline-craving parents

Given the recent comments on the take where I outlined some pros and cons of me travelling on my own, I've decided that I need to tell you a little more about my parents for you to better understand my background....
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The importance of safe spaces and loving environments.

I hope that for most of you, this Take sounds stupid and like common sense. But I know that for some of you, this will come as a surprise. We all need a place where we can feel fully comfortable, and fully comfortable to...
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Forget happiness; find joy and share it!

In all spectrums of life, people encounter days of good and of bad. Each day results from the decisions of a person's life choices, whether they can be consequences that the person has to deal with for the rest of his/her...
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Verbal judo, the art of roasting!

Also known as "verbal aikido". It's not exactly a sport. It's often applied in formal or informal debates or arguments whether you're in the court room, family table, school or etc. We've all been taught at one point that...
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What makes a good friend

I have many friends but none that really match the kind of friends that make up a true friend. Not that any friend is perfect but those that match a number of the points here, make up a good friend to have. 1. Friends...
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Why I'm Happy My Grandfather Might Have Cancer.

*Fair warning. This deals with difficult topics like death and cancer.* Earlier today, my mother called me and informed me that my dad's father, who has battled with cancer in the past and beat it, recently went to the...
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Words using each of the 26 alphabets with cool sayings

India honor of my 26th MyTake, I'm going to list a popular thing that start with each letter of the alphabet and discuss it. A (apple) An apple a day keeps the doctors away. This is often meaning apples are good for...
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Siblings.. dont face alone. My story.

We get excited when. We have a new sibling. Weather it is a brother and or a sister . We think " we will be the best for them .we will teach what right . We won't let them get hurt . " and much more . So why dont we stick...
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What if I told you that deep down, all men really want is to be told they are loved and valued?

Growing up to say my family was dysfunctional would be an understatement, my parents are diametric opposites to each other and after a while it was clear the only reason they stayed together was for the sake of me and my...
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People that have "everything"but don't appreciate it

This is just a rant here about my 'cousin', raised by her grandmother and her husband. She gets what she wants, including from an aunt of ours that favors her (which is fine but she goes overboard expressing her...
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Masks, Trust and Bonds: How I've Made Every Close Friendship I've Ever Had

When I'm talking about masks and seeing behind them (or removing them). What I mean is the moment you show or reveal who you really truly are, to another person. In my own experience, removing masks is the key to being...
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When My Time Comes

The reason I am writing this MyTake is because I find my mental health deteriorating. At the time of writing this, almost ALL of my family have passed on. I find myself alone and fighting demons from my past. Physically,...
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Parents who hit their kids for punishment

Dear parents, Coming from a really annoying and challenging child, I am grateful that you punished me physically when I was younger. It taught me that actions have consequences. Although I initially struggled with the...
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Real Life Lessons I learned from childhood Fairy Tales!

How old were you when you first remember a fairy tale that was read to you? Did the fable make any long lasting impression on you? Were you fascinated by it? ...did it bring pleasant dreams and memories? ...or did "The...
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Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

The Simple Answer To children, particularly before puberty, bodies just have parts and functions. They won't exhibit any inhibition or embarrassment unless it comes from messaging they pick up on from the adults in the...
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A second look at the role mothers play in developing mentally unstable men.

We've all probably heard of 'Joker' and I've got to be honest I think the movie is pretty great. Here's why, it perfectly addresses the growing disturbing lives of men of younger generations, and the twisted parenting of...
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My Struggles Managing Interpersonal Relationships as a Survivor of Child Abuse

This was initially intended to be a question entitled "How do you tell someone something that you've been hiding for a long time?" But it got to the point where I could no longer decrease the characters without cutting...
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