Women false advertising

I'm a girl, just to be clear. This is coming from a young woman.

False advertising is real. No one should be wearing that much makeup while trying to get a guy, and then wiping it off once you've caught him. It doesn't enhance your features. Then don't get mad when people say something about it. You are fake. Okay? You know what enhances your features, if that's the look you're going for? Clear or very simaller colored lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, very subtle eyebrow filling, and a little concealer to hide any larger blemishes you don't like to be seen with.

Need any basic skincare tips? Wash your face 2x a day with facewash that suits your skin. Acne? Use one with salycilic acid or more preferably, benzoyle peroxide. Use the acne one in the morning, and exfoliate at night. Oily skin? Use a oil-free facewash that isn't too rough on your skin (if you can't find cream washes), or just add a little bit of sugar to your cream wash, and wash your face with that in the morning. You probably have acne, so use an acne face wash at night. If your skin is constantly oily, use oil blotting tissues throughout the day. I use rice paper. If your skin is also dry, use a light oil-free moisturizer. There are cheaper ones that are very effective. Some of them have salicylic acid in them as well.

Use cold spoons to get rid of dark circles, which does work well, or use a tiny dab of coconut oil under under your eyes every night. Coconut oil is also a very great moisturizer for lips, and people with extremley dry skin that need to get rid of dry patches.

Women false advertising

So first of all, I'm not saying that it's not okay to wear makeup. Just don't look like whole different person with different bone structers. Your daily makeup routine shouldn't make your skin look like a completely different tone than it naturally is. Sure, fill in your eyebrows. Just don't make them 4x thicker and more shapely than they are without makeup on. Okay, yeah, use a little concealer and foundation to hide some temporary blemishes, scars, and bad dark circles around your eyes. Just don't use pounds of it so it seems like they were never there and your face is immune to any type of imperfection ever. You have dry lips? Okay, that's fine, a little chapstick and lip gloss// lip stick should fix that. Don't make your lips seem like the smoothest piece of skin on your body, and them flip them around and turn them in a shade 3x lighter/darker than they actually are.

Yes, makeup is artistic. I know, I use very unnatural colored eyeshadows and shit. Just look at Juliet Simms!(Warped Tour 2015).

And yes, men know that your lips aren't naturally cherry red, or your eyes aren't actually smokey and purple. They aren't dumbasses. But under all the contouring, they don't actually know what's under there. Use your head for a second.

Make sure your future significant other knows what you look like before they start dating you. Physical attracttion does play a decently big role in a relationship, and some men just actually don't like fake people, even if you do show him what you look like. Hard to belive, I know. And again, we all know you didn't do your makeup for men anyway. Which is great, but just a tip before again, getting into a relationship. All that makeup clogs your pores, especially when keeping it on for hours at a time. Maybe lessen the cosmetics and focus on taking care of your skin a little more. It can't be good for your skin on a daily basis.

Okay, and another thing, they know you aren't products. Stop doing the raging feminist bit and stop taking things so literally. It's stupid. You sound stupid. If everyone used as much makeup as the girls above and below, the world would be physically a lie. What if men used fake molding arm muscles and that much damn makeup too? Yeah, fake. Just fake.


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  • Imma start wearing fake muscles and and stuff my pants with 3 socks, wear platform shoes with long pants so you can't notice and I'll go from 5'11 and a half to a solid 6'2. Also Ill stuff my wallet full of fake money that looks real so when I pull it out to by something, they notice. But hey its not deception or false advertising, I'm doing all that exhausting BS for my self.

    • as long as it looks natural, you can go ahead

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    • I don't think other women get that even though it isn't bad, it's fake XD

    • man i laughed out loud

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  • (Steps up to podium) Hello everyone. It seems these days that everyone has an opinion on what women should do with their own bodies. Someone is always telling us to do this and then we we do it, they tell us, don't do that. It's about time everyone man, or woman alike, wakes up and realizes that people can have any opinion they want on what you do, should do, shouldn't do, but they have no say over you. These same people wouldn't want anyone dictating their lives, yet they have no problem freely dictating others. If you want to put 7 lbs of make-up on your face to look like an entirely different person--do that and be happy. Own it. If you want to be natural and never wear make-up, do that, and be happy. There is power in making and standing by your own choices. Own that. Thank you kindly. (Steps off podium).


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70utG1L5bfU


  • funny thing is, when you see a natural lemon you will be disgusted by it.
    the same thing happens with these fake models
    if they were to just be the way they originally looked sales would drop
    just as a disclaimer: i do NOT support the photoshopping of models but i can however understand why it happens

  • that's just one part , you didn't discuss about fake boobs or padding and high heels which is also part of false advertising

    • High heels are obvious height enhancements. I can understand the fake boob and butt padding. Some guys do the fake "package" as well.

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    • i think a penis pump is better option for tiny peckers

    • Don't forget fake butts! It's a thing now too.

  • Who are you to say that women shouldn't use makeup? It is their choice to use it or not. Make up or not, it doesn't make a girl fake. What makes them fake is pretending to be something they are not or they are backstabbers. A girl can not wear makeup and be a fake prude as much as a girl can wear make up and be the sweetest, kindest person on the planet. Beauty is skin deep, its not always about a girls looks or her make up, it's about her heart and soul.

    • if you're fake. get caught out and exposed as fraudulent, serves you right and don't deserve any sympathy. your downfall will give those of us who can't be fake something to chuckle at if nothing else. maybe the human brain just has a pathological need to pretend - who knows!

  • girls NEED makeup. Don't take that life support away from them. We can't all have my genetics

  • you know people that look better receive better treatment from society. this is simply natural selection. better looking people historically are the people who can fill in their nutritional needs the best, thus these are the people who can survive the best so they have the best chances are reproduction.

    in my opinion i can tell even how natural make up looks because skin ALWAYS has flaws. these flaws make us unique human beings.

    men should learn from this. if we want better treatment from society we'd do well to take better care of our appearance.

  • I have trained my eye to filter out make up

    • How exactly have you accomplished that?


      How reliable is your visual judgement?

    • @QooLipBite unless the girl is wearing super light natural makeup I can tell as a general rule with make- up a girls face becomes more symmetrical

  • Where is the Scarlet! Lol

  • Awww fuck! The first image makes me sick!

    Can you say who the girl is in the first image?

  • don't say i am the most attractive fruity in the world by being a fake person.

  • this is y i h8 make up

  • Thank god I'm single. Thank freaking god!

  • ewww these were some real transformations in deed. well in my opinion if you are ugly stay ugly. dont deceive me at night, and then we wake up side by side and i get a heart attack. thats unfair... .

  • eh whatever. I don't think i like extreme make up. I think part of growing up is accepting yourself but everyone is insecure about their looks. Ideally it would be nice if people rocked what they got. It would be weird if everyone who had a camry (a reasonable car) blinged it to act like they had beemers (a very nice car). Now if you were in a beat up suzuki ( a budget car) but you revamped stuff so that it looks like pretty cool / fun car then that is awesome!

  • Man I'm glad I'm a guy. Nothing wrong if ya wear make up so long as ya dont turn concceited or worse look like dang drag queen or clown lol.

  • Girls are judged so harshly on their appearance, it's understandable they're insecure and use make up. They shouldn't be judged for it too. Everyone should do with their faces and bodies as they please, and those who have a problem with heavy make up, have a choice of going after girls that don't use any.
    Personally, it's important to me that a girl isn't fake as a *person* and that has nothing to do with appearance. Being genuine is about personality, not about amount of make up someone uses.

    • Best male opinion on this thread :)

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    • We are so accustomed to women wearing makeup it has become normal expect this level of beauty all the time.

      It's like the male brain has become hard wired to believe women are naturally this beautiful and the moment we see a familiar face without makeup our jaws drop to the floor.

      I understand women like to wear makeup NOT for men but for their confidence, but I would like to think a world without makeup would mean more confident and less insecure women with a realistic standard of beauty for men to appreciate.

    • You shouldn't have went Anonymous for that answer, you would have girls all over you lol

  • This is what happens when women take their looks and health for granted. They think they can just go tanning, partying and drinking, staying up late and use makeup to cover up their 'flaws'. Smh

  • That's why I usually go for girls who use little to no makeup, I know what I'm getting and I'm fucking pleased about it.

  • All I'm going to say is if girls do this then guys should be able to wear wigs to cover their balding and not have to tell anyone including the person they're dating. They do it for themselves...

    • Men should be able to do whatever they want as well. A lot of men use products for balding, men work out to look better, they dress to look better, they use deodorant/cologne, hair gels, men use lotions/moisturizers etc. but no one constantly make comments about how fake a man is being because he used deodorant...

      I think men should be able to wear something to cover things on their face if they choose to as well. The bottom line is it's no ones business what you do with your face or any other part of your body lol

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    • faaailll like omg XD, did your 14 year old sister take over your keyboard when you wrote that?

      And obviously deodorant was the only example that I gave, good job on ignoring the rest. I was saying that people use all sorts of things to cover their looks, smells etc. if you take part in any of that then you'r a hypocrite for telling others that they shouldn't.

    • You guys, please. I love you... :(

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  • oh damn! :O its the reason why i barely use makeup.. i don't wanna give people false expectations... i think this makes sense


  • I'm afraid to say that I don't fully agree with this take. Women who wear makeup to hide things like acne and scarring are doing it for their own confidence, I know because I had very bad skin growing up and into adulthood. It isn't as easy as using certain products. For me, I have to take vitamins and had to purchase a PMD in order to get mine under control - not everyone has that kind of money to spend on it. Secondly: people need to know that makeup is not what somebody truly looks like. If girls with acne and other issues went out bare faced they would likely be told they "looked like they didn't take care of themselves" or "should try being more feminine." Nobody can win and constantly appeal, so it's up to them to choose what is right for them. It isn't up to us to say "Oh, you can't do that!" I've never known a girl who wore makeup the entirety of their dating experience and then revealed themselves the second the guy was their boyfriend. Dating tip: don't become a unit if you haven't seen them without makeup. If somebody can love you with makeup but not without it, I wouldn't classify that as love. I understand that everybody has the right to be attracted to what they want, but I would hope at that point (the dating point) you would be able to work with what your partner ha.

    I don't know, I just don't feel like any sensible person is going to date somebody who they've never seen without makeup. Make a point to know who the person really is, and if they aren't willing to show you, don't date them. It seems more like an issue of rushing into things to me.

  • While I get where you're getting at and agree that people probably shouldn't overcake their faces with makeup and shit themselves when they're discovered to be not what they paraded, I take issue with your "simple fix tips" for people with bad skin.

    You make it sound as though people with serious skin problems can just easily fix them with some cold spoons and washing their face. Sorry, but that is BEYOND ignorant.

    If skin conditions could be fixed so easily, the whole medical branch called DERMATOLOGY would not even exist. Your advice only works for people who have minor temporary skin issues. There are so many strands of acne alone that are not fixable no matter what you do because that person's genes just went "fuck you and your skin". These people would require years of treatment with special medicines and creams and it would not be a cure, but a means to MANAGE it.

    You think washing your face is gonna fix cystic acne? If you wash your face twice a day with any type of soap, you will actually CAUSE DAMAGE by dehydrating it and possibly exacerbating the existing skin condition (s).
    Dark circles? Will not get fixed with a cucumber slice or cold spoons, if the cause are burst capillaries.

    The girl in your first example? You should actually watch the video she's in - it's very telling about how society treats women whether they wear makeup or not. She's actually quite attractive, but not lucky enough to have gotten pretty clear skin.


    This is coming from someone who doesn't wear any type of foundation, because I'm fortunate enough to have my spots go away after a few days if those appear.

    Yes, some people overdo it with makeup, but your solutions are a fucking joke and you should go educate yourself on the subject of dermatology before turning up here posting your super awesome fixes copy-pasted from Cosmo articles.

    • Honestly, your basic skin care advice is insulting, if anything. AS IF people with acne NEVER IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES considered to wash their faces.

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    • I've already told you several times that in the context of this take your advice is nothing short of being insulting, especially since you used Em Ford as your first example - the girl who was actually asked if she ever washed her face because of the acne she has.

      You don't seem to understand the definition of context, so it's pointless trying to explain anything.

    • That isn't insulting, and I didn;t know the first girl got asked that.

      It's basic skin care tips, if I must say this again. I wasn't meant to be a "holy shit you have horrible acne obviously you need these tips to fix it gross" way. Thanks for assuming and acting like everyone was as offended and sensitive as you are.

  • They're not false advertising. They're not even f**cking advertising. Women wear makeup for themselves not as an "advertisement" for men. Some people need it to feel confident because they're not comfortable in their own skin, and that is not a crime. If you have a problem with makeup, get over it! If you're a guy and simply looking for someone "hot" don't even bother talking to someone with make-up. It's obvious publicly known information that people don't look the same without makeup. Even people with clear skin can look completely different without the simplest bit of make-up. @EVERYONE Stop shaming make up wearers.

    • Yay!!! I second this all the way! 👍

    • Exactly! Since I'm willing to bet 95% of the female population will at least occasionally wear makeup, who are they to judge?

      If it was socially acceptable for men to wear makeup outside of film industry and media, they sure as hell would!

  • How is it false advertising, when you're not advertising anything? I'm curious exactly what i'm advertising for when I leave my house and go into the general public? It's my business what I do with my face. I don't owe it to anyone to wear my makeup, hair, clothes etc. any other way than how I choose to.

    Do people not dress in ways that flatter their figure? do guys not use hair gel, sprays to cover baldness or get hair plugs, people use deodorant/perfume/cologne.

    I'm a little confused as to why it's acceptable for people to tell women what to do with their own faces.

    Stop acting entitled to seeing people without things that enhance their looks, it's none of your business, if they wanted you to see them that way then they would have dressed that way in the first place...

    And this is coming from someone who doesn't like foundation, bronzer, fake eye lashes, hair extensions etc. I'm fine with some eye liner, lip gloss and powder.

    • Okay, using makeup until everyone you have met can't recognize you is a problem. I'm not saying makeup makes you fake, i'm saying that much makeup makes you fake. It's not like you don't come in contact with anyone ever. That much makeup doesn't enhance your looks, and everyone here sounds like they didn't even read the full take. So back for a second, and take your time to look through it.

      If everyone walked around with fake muscles, wigs whenever there was even a small strip of balding, as much makeup and the women in the 2nd photo, and clothes that somehow made them look like they have a completely different body shape/figure, than the world would be fake as all fucking hell.

      Also, comparing this to perfume/cologne makes no sense whatsoever. It's not like people naturally smell strongly of vanilla and cocobutter, but choose to cover it with rose and mint perfume.

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    • These girls didn't try something new for day, i'm not saying all makeup is fake. I'm not even saying heavy makeup is fake, once again. I'm saying a shit load of makeup that makes you look like a different person it fake.

    • Even if they didn't it's not anyone else's concern.

  • ... how ironic is it that u created a take talking SPECIFICALLY about the opposite of a take i did? u even included a pic of the same woman.
    and u used the SAME COMMENT to describe it. FALSE ADVERTISING.

    shame on you. a girl who wears makeup is NOT FAKE. just because we women have the 'power' to change or enhance some of our features, it doesn't make us fake as a person.
    this is coming from a person who wears makeup once a week, before u go judging.

    NEWS FLASH: of course you're gonna look different with makeup! THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT!
    so therefore, how the hell is it 'FALSE ADVERTISING' if makeup isn't supposed to make you look natural?

    if girls or guys can't handle that, then gtfo of her life! simple.

    it's people like you spreading hate over something that is actually not so false at all. seriously, I'm so disgusted after reading this. we're supposed to empower each other, and here u r, talking about appearance and nothing more, as if that's all that matters. u couldn't even reveal who u r. I'm pretty sure ur aware this is so messed up.

  • Since when are women who wear makeup "advertising" themselves. Is there a price sign on their forehead? Why do you assume all of these girls are wearing makeup to impress men? Why can't they enjoy applying and wearing makeup for theirself because it makes them happy. You may think that your opinion doesn't make you shallow, but you are the opposite. You are judging a person by what they wear and you are making assumptions that they are self conciouness, or their main purpose for using makeup is to get a man. Just because they look traditionally fenimine it doesn't mean that they pile makeup on and do their hair because they want a guy. Females wear bras with padding, but they don't do it for guys. Guys who have small jaws grow beards that completly alter their face shape, but that doesn't mean that they are lying. People are not lying about their body, they are not trying sell their body, they are most certainly not doing it to snare a guy a girl. People should be free to do with their body what they want. Maybe just maybe.. if we stop judging people for wearing boring simple clothes and having acne and imperfect faces AND people who wear flashy tailored clothes and straighten their hair, then people whouldn't feel so pressured to change themselves. Your definition of natural beauty is flawed, some types if acne can't be cured by face products. The girl has tried every product and pill on the planet for clear skin so stop judging her for wearing makeup to feel secure, she can't win with people like you. Washing your skin with cleansers and toners/moisturizers/masks have just as many nasty chemicals as makeup, there is nothing 'natural' about it. Even shampooing and brushing hair could be consired 'lying' since its altering the natural oil production and curl pattern.

  • With makeup: You're so fake, just be your real self! This is false advertising!
    Without makeup: Wow, you're ugly, you need to do something about that.

    It's not as easy as 123 for some people. Some acne sufferers have tried everything under the sun for years and nothing has worked then they have people making fun of them then saying even more cruel things when they cover it up. Same for people with other problems like dark patches they can't get rid of or vitiligo. Also, at what point is it ok to tell people what they can and can't do to their own faces? Believe it or not but some people do it because they actually want to for themselves, they like the look. If you don't like then it's alright, you don't have to wear it like they do but let people do what they want. Some people do take great care of their face but not everyone's going to get magic blemish-free skin (genetics). Also it's better than risky plastic surgery or injections.

    • Truth.

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    • You're still not understanding. How about we never dye/change our hair? Or get tattoos or piercings? There's someone in the world that doesn't like dyed hair or piercings so we shouldn't do it because they don't like it. See how silly that sounds? That is what you are saying, you dislike it so they shouldn't do it. But they can because it's their own body. Yes, it is their life, they are not harming anyone by doing this. If they wanna change their face then SO BE IT. It's not a permanent change, they can go back whenever they want. Things are not so black and white. However, I doubt you'll understand still after this so I am done. The world would be a better place if people just learnt to mind their own business on what someone chooses to put on themselves.

    • You know, I never said wearing that much makeup was bad horrible or bad. Yes, it's your choice and you can do it you want, but it's still fake.

  • @MaskedSanity makes an excellent point and I don't think I have to add much more to that. The way you worded this take really makes you look stupid. Acne is more than just dirty skin or having a bad skincare routine. It's more like a genetic disease that needs actual medical treatment, not just some bullshit sugar and a random face wash. If it was that simple, people wouldn't even have acne.

    Also, women (wearing makeup) aren't products to be bought, we're not "advertising" shit. So stop calling it "false advertising", it merely perpetuates the idea that women are products that are supposed to be bought by men, or are only here on this earth for the male gaze. Let women do whatever the fuck they want with their OWN faces and mind your own damn business.

    • Lol, I know. I have chronic acne and it sucks. I said basic skincare tips, not magical clear skin skincare tips. Get it now? Good, thanks for making yourself look stupid.

      Do whatever you want, but it's still fake girls. If everyone wore that much makeup, than the world would be fake. Heavy makeup is perfectly fine, light makeup is perfectly fine, but makeup to the point where you look like completely different person is over-doing it. Stop raging with your "girl power feminist" bullshit. We get it, you're all for equality, so am I (obviously forgetting that) . Especially since i'm a girl. Don't take things too literally," false advertising" is a saying. How about in the future men wear clothes that makes us look 5x skinnier than they actually are, fake muscles, and shoes that somehow make you realistically look 7 inches taller than they are. Yeah, natural and equal. Just the way sane people like it, right?

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    • Lets say this then.
      Wearing as much makeup as the girl in 2nd picture isn't bad, fake, gross, unhygienic, or lying. But it's damn fact that is overdoing it. Overdoing it doesn't always mean it's bad. Use comment sense, huh?

    • And what exactly do you achieve by pointing out that you think it's overdoing it?

  • If our society wasn't so harsh towards a women's looks/appearances, maybe makeup companies would go out of business. If women didn't feel like they had to compete with eachother or told that if they didn't look a certain way then they wouldn't have a boyfriend or be successful, don't you feel like things would be a lot more different?

    THIS is what we're being bombarded with on television in the media. As much as some of these guys talk about REAL AND NATURAL, if Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian walked out with NO fake anything, they wouldn't even consider them nearly as attractive. Truth is, men are visual creatures, they can say false advertisement all they want, but they're still looking, am I wrong?

    Even 'beauty' pageants are FAKE. Those girls are considered attractive by a long shot and most of them wear pounds of makeup and get enhancement surgeries. Now THATS false advertising.

    Not everyone is lucky to be born with good looks. My thing is, whether you decide to do the 'fake' look or not, don't demonize people for it and call them out for having low self-Esteem or being UNreal, when we already live in a very much harsh society who feels people should look perfect. It's contradictory. We're all guilty of it, myself included. However, good take.

    • Do you expect men to just stop looking? Most women wear makeup, and many of them look good without it. They can't do anything about it, especially when a lot of other women go on an angry rant when they even mention "natural." I really don't think makeup companies would go out of business because for many artist (music) and people in daily lives, use it artistically. Even men in bands use it, their signature look. Juliet SImms, Motionless in White, etc.
      And another thing that bothered me, feminism is growing stronger and shit, so don't blame it all on society. No, not a majority of women feel like they have to compete with each other. Maybe before, but stop blaming society because not every other woman feels like that. Some of them make themselves the victim when nothing is happening. Their parents specifically raised them without teaching self-love and beauty. Like dude, it's really not that harsh these days. Yes, it's really still a little messed up, but no.

  • If that's how you believe someone looks naturally, you're stupid lol. You don't have anyone to blame but yourself for believing that.

    • Exactly, I was going to say that as well. If you can't tell that someone has make up on, especially that amount then you kind of deserve what you see underneath all of that lol

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    • nope, i guess it was more of enlightenment by observing

    • Look, men aren't really interested in make-up themselves. I, too, find it hard to know if someone has makeup on. I don't have a clue at all what kind of make-up, and how many of it is applied. And I mostly don't even think of make up, I just think like: Oh she looks fine. (not even considering make-up). I guess guy's are bad at those things.

  • So, you're telling women what to do with their own faces? I wear a lot of makeup, not to 'advertise' (an insulting choice of phrase in itself) myself as something I'm not to men. I hate myself and our faces are a monumental part of who we are so why would I want other people, my peers, to see something I feel that way about? I'm a shy girl but when I apply makeup I, in affect, apply a new persona, a confident, sexy, fearless woman I couldn't be otherwise.

    A British journalist, Em Ford I believe her name is, recently released a video showing the results of a study in which she posted several pictures of herself without makeup which received gutting comments with some people going as far as to call her ugly (she isn't, she's gorgeous) and say that they couldn't even look at her. Would you want to hear that and so much more about yourself?

    She then posted pictures of herself in full makeup and was told how beautiful and stunning she looked (and she really did). Who wouldn't want to hear that? Of course, there were people saying she's wearing too much makeup (which is entirely her decision IF she is) and someone, I assume they were jealous of her as she is truly stunning, said it was 'false advertising' which is absolutely not the case.

    It's up to us how much makeup we wear because it's respectively such a small thing to the people around us but to some of us, it's absolutely everything.

  • I just love (irony everywhere) seeing men say things like "I prefer a girl with no makeup". Oh please, you are such a big fat liar. I have a simple example that illustrates what I think and what I face everyday. I know a girl, that has such an amazing personality, she is so smart, a sports girl, dresses modestly. She happens to have a twin sister, that looks JUST LIKE HER. The difference? Her sister wears makeup everyday. Not a lot, a modest, beautiful makeup. If you ask any guy, which of the two is prettier, they will IMMEDIATLY say that the one with the makeup on is prettier. And more feminine. And they will feel attracted and want to date her. While my friend, the one with no makeup, will stay in the shadows. So please, stop it now.

    • The guys don't know what she looks like underneath the makeup dumbass. They like women who don't wear as much makeup because they can tell her natural beauty.

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    • by the way you are so nice.

    • well duh!!

      Makeup is used to hide flaws and send false signals of sexual arousal that the male brain reacts to instinctively, it is very literally lying to manipulate. Of course men don't like that, makeup, they want to be with someone real, someone with enough self esteem that they don't wear makeup to manipulate people, those are the types of women you can build a real relationship with. The problem is how easily women are able to manipulate men and how willing so many women are to do just that, it's a gross abuse of power.

  • You're entitled to your own opinion of course. But I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle. I don't wear a lot of makeup, I wear enough to make me feel like a girl, and to give me a little confidence boost. Those girls you posted pictures of, have bad acne that isn't easily treated, so they rightfully came up with a solution, to feel beautiful and to keep the harsh comments at bay. Turns out, even when they try and feel beautiful, people continue with the judgement. Imagine how they feel, probably like they can never win! Just leave them alone and let them be.

    • I know, but covering your acne and blemishes doesn't require that much makeup. Even full coverage. Specifically the girls in the 2nd picture, iv'e seen a lot of girls with a drastic face change like that.

      I have chronic acne, along with my friend, and yeah it isn't easily treated. But I can cover my face completely and not look that different by the slightest.

    • then the problem is in the hearts of the people who judge and in the heart of the person that is affected by judgment. it's purely a spiritual thing. covreing it up for some pseudocofidence is not a solution cause it neither makes the person genuinely humble nor the people less harsh and judgmental.

  • Let's be real here. 90% of the people who even wear make-up, wear the same amount of me or even less. Little bit mascara, concealer, eyebrow gel and BB-cream. You almost never see people wearing that much make-up and otherwise, they really don't look as good in real life as in pictures. You can see it clearly.
    Your great tips about how to get rid of acne is not for everyone. Don't you think the people with acne have tried everything, because it's really one of the worst things you can have. I have a bit of acne and I can't do anything about it because it's purely hormonal. Just like with other girls who have it.
    So I kinda claim this take as worthless. You should do some more research before saying things.

    • This girl has a point, I support everything you said. Acne is not always treatable and treatments that exist for certain types of it are painful and terrible for our health, actually dangerous. Of course, people with problems like this should not wear tons of makeup, just a little to cover up most of the damage and make them feel more confident. (and please, stop saying that "oh no one is going to judge you, acne is normal" type of bullshit, because kids/teenagers, and some adults are still kids, are very judgmental about stuff like that. There are so many people in this world that suffer from acne and are seeing the best doctors, buying the best products, taking pills, while all that worthless process is destroying their confidence and self esteem. You are right about the "too much makeup" thing, but you are way wrong about acne, real acne.

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    • Exactly, I was on Istrotetinoin for almost a year, which gave me a lot of eczema problems and dry skin/eyes, couldn't even wax or go to the beach. Still have some acne. The only way to make me feel better is by wearing a little bit of concealer everyday.

    • Okay, as iv'e said this to every other person who commented on this, I have chronic acne. I said basic skincare tips, not magical skincare tips. Yes, it scusk because my skin never is or will be clear,

      Also, I know a lot of people who use and much makeup ad the 2nd girl.

  • Oh shut up. Some of us downs't view women as marketing products, we aren't object to be bought and sold, false advertising is not a ting.
    Second, acne is not gonna go away by all your fancy house tips.

    If you don't like makeup, fine, but don't be such a superficial bitch about it.

    • That went a little fast, compromising on the spelling, but you get the point.

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    • Then don't put them up as a "solution" to how people don't have to wear makeup.
      Still, you don't really get to decide, how much makeup it's okay for other girls to wear.

  • You are only supposed to wash you face AT NIGHT, in the morning over cleansing will hurt your skin use a gentle toner in stead. And why is it any of your business if girls want to cover up their imperfections? Maybe they HAVE tried everything to get rid of them and maybe they have medical issues. I have permanent dark circles because of my allergies and asthma excuse me if I'd rather swipe on a little concealer so people don't ask me if I'm sick all day! I can't afford lazer treatments of skin grafting to get rid of them and a little concealer is a cheaper option. Part of being in a relationship is accepting each other's flaws I don't bitch about my boyfriends occasional breakouts and he doesn't bitch about my dark circles it's not that hard! Some girls will get reprimanded in the workplace for not wearing makeup because they don't look "put together enough". Only men are allowed to have flaws if a woman does it's the end of the fucking world so yeah people wear makeup. I've posted pictures on here barefaced but when have you put yourself out there instead of sitting their judging others?

    • I didn't say wearing makeup was fake. I didn't say wearing heavier makeup was fake. Want to read the take for a second before attempting to form an intelligent argument?

    • I'm saying you shouldn't think you have the right to tell people what and what not to do with their face little girl.

  • is it still false advertising when you're not even looking for a man? i've never seen anyone with that much makeup in person. if they wanna wear it then awesome. they can wear even more and its no ones business. i love makeup and i have a huge collection. i dont wear too much of it. just some concealer, bb cream, powder, mascara, blush and lip balm or lipstick all with a light hand. i have some dark spots because of acne that will be taken care of next week actually. i dont look that different without makeup. im sorry that men are so stupid that they dont know that women dont naturally have maroon lips and gold eyelids. not every woman wears makeup to impress people. if someone thinks i look hot then yay thanks but i really dont care. do you really think that women wear makeup for someone who can't tell the difference between maroon and plum? no lol. most people like playing around with the colors. is dying your hair from brown to blond false advertisement too? hey ladies: if a man doesn't like you without makeup on then you gotta find someone else. im not a fan of people who go full on and change their whole look but its still their choice.

  • "You are fake."

    A woman is a woman's worst enemy...

  • How about instead of whining about false advertising... you just don't date these women if you don't like it? Women who wear this much makeup are pretty rare irl. So it sounds pretty stupid when men (or girls in this case) complain, because 1% of women "false advertise".
    Also looking up women on the internet that you will never come across in real life and then complaing about what they do with their face, is really pathetic. How about I start complaining about how male models being photoshopped is "false advertising". Like I was ever going to date one?

    • 1. I know a lot of women who wear that much makeup in reallife. Otherwise, I don't think I would make this

      2. Also, i'm a straight girl

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