D.I.Y. Eyebrow Tutorial/Pictorial :)🐛

This myTake is just me showing y'all how I do my eyebrows lol.

I thought, "maybe, if i could help one young girl/woman/man? out there with a few tips, then this would be worth it".

Just letting u know, this takes balls so dont judge me haha!

Ok, here goes.

1. Try to grow out your eyebrows

Ok so I grew out my eyebrows for like a month. My theory is that the more you grow them out, the sexier they look when you get them done. This is because the hair is longer, and therefore easier to remove. Less chance of little hairs that you can't get rid of.

Obivously, this isn't easy, especially if you go out a lot or have a boyfriend lol, but I'm surrounded by people who don't give a damn, so hey, neither do i :P

TIP: All I'm saying, is if you want to give it a go, it's worth it.

D. I. Y Eyebrow Tutorial/Pictorial :)🐛

"Are those caterpillars on your face?" 🐛🐛 Yes. yes they are.

2. Cleaning around the eyebrow

I usually pluck my eyebrows or get them done by threading. It was too rainy to go to my salon so I did them today at home. Purchase a great tweezer [if you don't already have one] and use it to gently work your way around the brow. Don't try to change the shape or anything just yet. All you're doing at this stage is cleaning.

The tweezer below is from Sephora.

TIP: Please don't shave them. I know it's convenient but you don't get the best results. Waxing is good too if you know how to do it, but I could never trust myself or anyone else with that method :P

Looking a tad less fearsome now :P

3. Cutting the brow to shape

This part needs the most precision. Here you're determining the angle, shape and thickness of your eyebrows. To get the best result, i recommend using a small brow brush or even your fingers to just move your eyebrow hair upwards. By doing this, you can see the natural shape of your brow and vision how you are going to cut along it.

Note: If you have short brow hair, you don't have to do this bit! =]

For anyone else, if you're having trouble, look to the point where your brow naturally arches or curves and cut along that.

***This is also the part where your own preference comes into play. Do you want them thick or thin? Arched or curved?

How you want them is how you need to slowly move your hand to cut them as you like. I personally like the arched, "square" look as it suits my face best, but everyone is different.

TIP: Cut very slowly and don't cut too much at a time, just in case you make a mistake. You don't want to end up with half a brow lol. The more confident you are, the more you can cut off in one go.

Scissors are also from Sephora. Just get one of those little beauty cases with scissors, tweezers, nail file, etc. Saves you money honey.

Your brow should end up looking much neater and defined. After you're happy with the shape, use your tweezer again to clean up any little hairs that are left over.

~~ Now that would usually be it! Nice, clean, shapely brows. However, if you wan't something a little more dramatic, read on :)

4. Filling in your brows

This is almost necessary for girls with sparse brow hair. For girls with thicker hair, you don't really need it as much. In my case, even though my brows are thick, the hair is still sparse towards the front and the arch as you saw, so those areas are the main ones i like to fill in.

Now, a lot of people recommend some sort of brow pencil or gel, but i like the TIP of using a matte eyeshadow that is similar to my hair colour. If it is a shimmery eyeshadow, guess who's brows are gonna look like glittery glow worms?! 😆

I used to use a brow pencil but it made my brows look SO ... 'heavy' and they're already naturally thick so it was a disaster lol. I'm glad i made this transition.

This is a matte palette from an aussie brand called Chi Chi. I select the colour that i want and using an ANGLED BRUSH, I apply this along my brow as if I'm outlining it. This is when kindy colouring comes in handy.

TIP: Don't overflow your brows with eyeshadow. You don't wanna look like them girls in those scary eyebrow memes.

The other end of this angled brush I have is just a normal thin tip, so I use that for filling in any sparse looking areas. The brow ends up looking something like that bottom right pic =] It's just that little bit more filled with colour.


It does depend on your face, but if you can slightly lengthen your brow, either from the beginning or the end [sorry I don't know the technical terms lol], then go for it!

I like a small-medium gap between them. A large one looks despicable on me. Again, depends on your face=]

5. Spruce Up and Finish!

I don't really do much else except check if I need to cut or clean anything else or add little bits of eyeshadow anywhere.

For some girls, they like to use concealer to define the shape of the brow even further. I never do this but for those who want to know...

Dab tiny dots of concealer right underneath, and right above your brow, then using a small brush or ur fingers [brush is more accurate], slowly blend it along the brow bone.

And yeah, just a nice touch of eyeliner and done! 😎

Check out that before and after lol.

See, it isn't perfect, and it's not that every single hair is in place. For me, I like my brows looking a tad "messy" just so that they dont look drawn on. It really depends on your style though.

Anyway, something a bit different, but hope you people liked this! Let me know if you'd like to see anything else :) I enjoyed doing this.


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Most Helpful Guy

  • Great mytake. Personally I have used a eyebrow trimmer in the past and haven't really checked my brows in a while. Do you think tweezers are better or can a trimmer do a good job as well?

    • thanks!
      sure a trimmer is fine! I'm just that person who doesn't trust machinery on my brows lol so that's my issue.

      i think that if u do have a few strays here and there, tweezers do a better job =]

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    • Very modest :) But seriously I think machines have made things like craftsmanship a rare thing these days. I would rather trust someone who has done something for years and can do it right rather than a machine that can be faulty and make mistakes even when unintended.

    • nah I'm being serious lol.

      i agree.

Most Helpful Girl

  • That step where she fills her eyebrows and they look completely drawn in - terrifying. Haha

    • i dont think they do.

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    • ok cool, but i like filling them in lol.
      looks more natural in person. it looks dense here because u know exactly what i did to get the look.

    • Maybe... =)

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What Guys Said 12

  • Eyebrows on fleeeeeeeeeeeeeek. 👌
    This is how you do it girls. Not the slug eyebrows. That's the shit we don't likeeee.

    • lol ily <3

      seriously though? i know that they'd be too thick for the liking of some guys.

    • Your's are piff! They look good!
      I hate the ones that the orange skins girls have. They look horrible. Your's are awesome!

    • well thank you, too kind. :)
      orange skins LOL!

  • I was half ways done with my eyebrows but then the eye shadow got too messy... so i gave up. x_x

  • One good thing about being a guy is that I don't have to care about this sort of stuff :P

  • Stop trying to seduce me! I'm with Nichole now D;

  • From the profile pics I've seen from you, your make-up is really attractive. You often see make-up pics here which look like overkill but in your case it's spot on and brings added value!

  • Can you also make my eyebrows have fleek potential? :P

    Great take buddy! :)

    • bruh ur eyebrows already on fleek :P
      hehe thank you =]

    • Oh yes! Now I can wow the ladies haha
      Also why are your eyes so captivating?:o that color is awesome!

  • Isn't it faster to use a technique called threading? It's also easier and with practice very easy to control.

  • Well this was different lol, perty eyes though, :D ( victory )

  • Please check my brows out, are they unattractive? Not that i care what your opinion is (no offense) just interested as I've heard mixed opinions from women, and you seem to know your eye brows xD

    • if ur asking me what i think, then telling me u dont care, I'm not really gonna bother looking.

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    • never know who's nice and who's mean on here. it's hard to tell.

    • Punch her in the ovary, always does the trick. So can we get back to my eye brows now little sassymiss?

  • Is that you in the pic?

  • You got the eyes of a feline animal. I just wanted to say that.

  • thats kind similar to how I shape my mustache but I dont use make up obviously :)

    • haha awesome. yeah iv heard theyre high maintenance! u understand them feels!

    • yeah but mine behaves lol so its only weekly I trim it :)

What Girls Said 17

  • I'm planning to do a myTake on makeup too but something different :)

    That aside, you're so cute man. Like I love your eyes so much. full homo.

  • This is a very informative, easy to follow MyTake. Great job.

    If I could get these

    https://i.ytimg.com/vi/qR5OirGSB0s/hqdefault.jpg my life would be made

  • You did yourself? WOW :) great job ! your eyes are pretty <3
    thanks for the take :)

  • Never been a fan of the sharpie look, sorry :/

  • I loved your myTake, pretty lady! Especially the extra "insider tips" and step by step pictures. Its a fresh breath of air from the usually generic tutorials being mass produced online.

    Nicely done!

  • When I colour my eye brows in, it make my eyes pop and my face appear more defined and just tidier. I love it!

  • I don't even really care about brows and this was still a cool read! TY for such a good tutorial!

  • Dayum girl your eyebrows 👌

    I have to apply lots of powder for my little-to-none eyebrows to be like yours in the every first pic -.- sucks to the max.

    • aw thank you <3

      i was actually telling another girl that it isn't so bad because u can pretty much create any shape u want that way :)

    • very* not every ugh just realized that lol

      But I can't really shape them either :/

  • Definitely agree with #1. Better more than less. Sometimes I'll even let it alone for 3 months since my hair grows really slow in that area. Also, I get mine threaded so having more is better since I sometimes feel like they'll take off too much if you just want a trim.

    I always skip 4.

    • lol thank goodness. do u know embarrassing it is to post a pic like that? LOL!

      yeah i love getting them threaded as well.
      i barely fill mine in too. i only do it if i want to create a dramatic look. otherwise i stop at 3 :)

  • Girl, I have to applt tons of eyebrow powder to male my eyebrows look like your un-madeup ones... Having invisible eyebrows is my wirst curse...

    • u know what though? at least having less hair means u can shape them more! with me, i can't just change the shape whenever i want!
      everything has its pros and cons! :)

    • Nope. Can't shape em either! Lol

  • I'm jealous of your caterpillar eyebrows. So easy to shape. I deal with creating a set of nice thick brows. My eyebrows have always been thin.. since I was a child.

  • very nice take.. not for me tho.. but still very nice. and you worked hard for it. lol

    • thanks =] oh for sure this isn't for everyone lol. it was mainly the tips that are for everyone :)

  • I think if you have bigger eyes (like yours) the eyebrows should be thicker. Smaller eyes should be medium. My mother had plucked her thin which can sometimes work but not for us young ladies. Nice Take :D

  • This is exactly how I do my brows. I'm so grateful I don't have to do the shadow bit.

  • Eyebrows on fleek

  • Step one have amazing brows

  • I love love love your brows!!! I'm still learning how to achieve the symmetrical shape in mine.