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Do not be discouraged by the body you have right now! You can spend all day wishing you had some type of body you see in a magazine or maybe you're working out to get the body you want but still want to look your best in the meantime, or maybe it's just genetics and you've got what you've got and you want to work with it. Either way, there are clothes and shoes for you. So if you've got a big butt/hips, boobs, arms, feet, or a belly, there are ways to flatter and show off these assets that hopefully will help you to feel good about who you are right now.

Note: these are just suggestions. You can and should wear whatever you want to wear and whatever is going to make you happy. These lists are just ideas for those who are trying to figure out ways to work with their larger sized body parts. I am in no way suggesting that having a larger body part is wrong, so please put all pitchforks back in their proper holsters. :)

I've got a big butt/hips

If these body parts make you super self-conscious, draw the eye away from these areas. Wear your darker colors on bottom, light on top. Wear the stripes, the florals, the sequins, the ruffles, the big dazzling jewelry up top to help draw the eyes where you want them to be. Peplums are good for hiding tummies, not so much for butt and hips since they tend to stop right above this area. If you're going to wear one, look for one that hits at least mid hip, not above it. Buy illusion dresses with geometric designs that literally create a different silhouette than the one you actually have.

Look for tops that hit mid butt or longer like a tunic top or a-line tops that lightly flare away from your body. To create balance between top and bottom half, boot cut jeans create a bit of width on bottom to balance the width of your butt/hips up top. A-line skirts and swing skirts are wonderful for disguising the area. Avoid pencil cut jeans/pants/mom jeans/skinny jeans unless you're rocking a top that covers your hip/butt region because these cuts often highlight the hips and butt by creating a large V shape that draw you to them in your silhouette and tend not to balance your body or create a flattering proportion overall.

I've got big boobs

NUMBER 1, get the to a bra fitter. Most women, no matter the size, are wearing a bra that is wrong for them, that is uncomfortable, and most importantly doesn't fit. YES, I 100% will tell you it is much harder to find a larger sized bra. You WILL have to go to a specialty store if you wear above a DD cup, but it is worth it for your comfort and to improve the look of your silhouette (no one wants boobs which meet them at their waist, no ma'am!). V-neck neck tops are super flattering as are wrap dresses. Avoid boat neck, crew neck, and turtle neck tops.

Boat necks add more bulk to your bust which you don't need, and the latter two offer no break between the neck and the bust giving you a big buxom block shape. The buttons on your shirt should not be holding on for dear life. You should not be able to see gaps between them. Avoid straps or bands right below the bust which can give them the propped up on a shelf look. When shopping for shirts/dresses, always buy for the biggest part of you, your bust (forget what your actual so called size is!), and go to a tailor who can tailor the rest down to fit the often times smaller parts of you. Avoid a lot of detail on your chest especially ruffles which add more bulk, patterns that can look askew, or buttons right on the bust which kind of remind you of, well you know (its nipples. They remind you of nipples).

Wear your darker colors on top, and lighter on bottom to draw attention away from the area. If you have the problem of leaning down and flashing everyone, buy a bra panel which hooks to the inside of your tops to offer you more coverage. When it comes to jackets, look for ones which will give you a longer silhouette (avoid crop styles because they will hug this area). And don't focus on buttoning your jackets, because just the jacket type can be flattering if it hangs just right and includes some darting at the waist.

I have big arms

Do not force squeeze your arms into any sleeve that is tight on the arm. This will give you that sausage casing look that isn't flattering. Look for sleeves that are looser like butterfly sleeves, peasant sleeves, poncho styles, or just sleeves that aren't tight. Cap sleeves cut the top of the arm sharply drawing attention to the bulk of the arms. If you are going to wear a tank, look for one with thicker straps. Tiny spaghetti straps make your arms look bigger because as with the shoe examples, you basically are seeing more flesh. If a tank is definitely not something you would ever wear, look for sleeves with cut outs that allow you to show a bit of arm, without letting them all hang out. Three quarter length sleeves tend to be the most flattering on larger arms because the end at a place below the girth of your arm, and showcase the typically smaller part of any woman's arms in the forearm and wrists.

I have big feet

Most department stores and discount stores carry up to 10s and maybe even 13's these days so that's good news, if not hit the online racks and seek out your size especially if you need wide shoes as well. To minimize the look of length of the foot, avoid pointy toed shoes which give you that witch look and serve to add more length to the foot. Opt for closed toe round toe shoes which visually stop the line of the leg and round out the foot. This type of shoe does not expose your long toes which can show the length of your foot rather than help disguise it.

Gladiator flats will always make your foot look longer because there are so many straps that act as continual markers for how long your foot is. Look for thicker strapped shoes because the skinnier the straps, the more of your foot is exposed as is its length. Opt for a shoe with a few straps like an ankle and a toe strap that can minimize the look of length as can a wedge which adds girth to the back, while elevating the foot and making it appear smaller. A lot of accents on the shoe like giant bows can call attention to big feet.

I have a big belly

Do not, I repeat, do not wear empire waist anything. An empire waist is one on a top or dress nipped or banded in just below the bust, with the fabric flowing down from there. There is a reason this cut works wonderfully for PREGNANT WOMEN! If you're not pregnant, these will make you look like you're a couple months along. Not a good look. Peplums are great for hiding tummies. Try using jackets and tops with darting to disguise this area. You want to bring things in at the waist using heavier material like those found in jean and wool jackets. Lighter and cheaper fabrics tend to just cling on top or outline the area rather than disguise.

Do not wear clingy or tight clothing which can give you that terrible donut belly. Opt for tops and jackets that slightly graze or drape over this area. Wearing a darker colored jacket over a lighter covered top helps to minimize the look of girth here as do illusion tops. An a-line top that skims over the area is flattering. Don't add a belt right at your belly point, because your pooch is going to struggle to go up or down (let it breath, darn it!). Use pattern that cuts across your top at an angle or vertically which help draw the eye straight up and down. Use a scarf that drops straight down to at least your waist level to help hide the area. No crop tops. No high-waisted jeans/pants/shorts which can trap your belly love in a kangaroo type pouch which isn't the best look. Do look for pants that do have tummy control panels to help suck things in instead of having to wear a hot shaper in the summer months.

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  • Enjoy having:

    High blood pressure (Hypertension)
    High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (Dyslipidemia)
    Type 2 diabetes
    Coronary heart disease
    Gallbladder disease
    Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
    Sleep apnea and breathing problems
    Some cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver)
    Low quality of life
    Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders
    Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning.



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  • It's disgusting how politically correct the world has become. Now, when you're a fat pig, you're called "beautiful". How about all the health risks? People need to stop promoting obesity.

    • Are you really a med student? This just seems like an insensitive thing to say which is surprising because you usually seem quite level-headed. Even in the quest to weight loss, an overweight person needs to wear clothes and feel confident in themselves. It's the first step to change. Overweight is NOT the only risk factor to morbidity/mortality and it's NOT causative. Also, pregnant women fall under this as do people with medical conditions making it harder to lose weight. Often weight issues are related to mental health, so why demotivate? What we need is simultaneous movements emphasizing on body positivity and good health.

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    • @Shorty1991 I told you that you're on drugs for a different reason, not because you disagreed. But anyway, fair enough.

    • So I'm on drugs because I'm not advising all overweight or obese people to hit the gym? I don't tell skinny people to put some beef on either. The reason I don't do that is because its none of my business unless people ask for advice from me.

  • It's important the she feels sexy in her own skin. Also there is someone out there for everyone, people like different looks/body types. A good example is that I am a "Wingman" for a buddy of mine that is trying to find "HIS girl". We go out together so he doesn't look as desperate. The good thing is that he likes the skinny white girls the most... while I mainly like my curvy Latinas, so we rarely compete for the same girl.

  • lo try and make the same mytake with guys.

  • You're just fat. If every unhealthy lifestyle choice deserves a special name then drug addicts need to be called "Party Takers".

  • 'All women are beautiful no matter their size and everyone should love them for being the strong and confident people they are!!'

    'Bigger guys are just lazy and can't be bothered going to a gym and should loose weight to stand a chance'

    Haha. You can sugar coat this all you want, but, at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of both genders aren't attracted to people who are overweight, or rather are attracted to them a lot less.

    Unfortunately that's just how it is matey 😕

    • 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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    • @SupFunny Why did it make you angry? I didn't insult anyone?

    • I've always been a embarrassed about my weight and how i look even though I weigh the right amount for my age

  • I have found beautiful women in all sizes, shapes and colors, so regardless of how you look, just try to relax, if you can accept me for the way I am, then I most certainly will accept you for the way you are.

  • Lmaooo this shit filled with fat chicks lmao

  • No thanks I will stick with the thin one!.. .. I can lift her as my dumbells or carry her like a baby!.. Make her sit on my shoulder!.. If we cuddle I won't feel a thing!.. When she rolls over on me!..
    I can carry a + size women or make her sit on my shoulders or get that crazy free touchy feel!.. And don't wanna be crushed in bed..

  • society is too politically correct, big women aren't as attractive.

    • If those women are that vastly, then why has the 4th model from the left (Candice Huffine) married to a slim man?

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    • @naturaldeven4 what's the matter? Gettin all defensive now and resorting to calling me everything under the sun? Rofl! Obese? There is a difference between being slightly overweight and obese. It just goes to show that your a helmet and don't know what your talking about. Well it certainly took you long enough to come up with a comeback. But then again, your only 19. You can't say that men have no taste just because they don't like the same as you.

    • @naturaldeven4 manhood? Your not a man, your a boy.

  • I love "plus size" women, especially the busty ones.

  • I actually prefer bigger women

  • Don't subdue the curves by covering them up. It's harder to grab you.

  • If any of those has to be big, let it be the boobs! :D

  • 1. Competitive Advantage In The Sexual Marketplace
    Young women who have a very agreeable weight and overall aesthetic figure (along with their youth and a decent set of teeth) have the best competitive advantage in the sexual marketplace for attracting the highest quality male suitors.
    Men of power, wealth, social prestige, confidence, fitness, etc. will not be chubby chasers unless literally no other options are available to them at a geographic location (mining towns, Toronto, etc). Most importantly, chubby women can largely forget about these high-status men wanting to put a ring around their finger and sire children with them.
    Even women in their 30s can snag a wealthy silver fox like George Clooney if they keep themselves in shape
    2. Health And Mental Well Being
    Being overweight or obese takes years off everyone’s life expectancy, reduces their energy levels, diminishes their sporting and sexual performance, and greatly increases the risk of depression and other mental disorders.
    Women who are physically active and have a healthy beach body weight, generally have much higher levels of self-esteem and have a far more positive and enjoyable outlook towards life. It’s the “winner’s outlook” if you will.
    Women who enjoy life and have good self-esteem are highly unlikely candidates to become militant feminists (losers). Additionally, they are also less likely (but not immune) to destroy their bodies with massive amounts of gawd-awful tattoos or piercings, which greatly diminishes their sexual market value and marriageability.
    Argentine womens volleyball coach“You know why there are so many empty seats here? You know why you are losing? It’s because some of you girls are too damn chunky! It boggles the mind and it’s a disgrace to Argentina!”
    3. Increased Access To High-Income (Or Easy) Job Opportunities
    Women who have very fit and attractive beach bodies have much greater access to lucrative job opportunities in their prime years (18-26) than women who have chubby or overall dumpy looking aesthetics. It doesn’t necessarily matter how “nice” they are, or where their education and skills set lies.
    In the United States, female bartenders who work in busy and popular nightclubs and saloons are often fit as hell (in stark contrast to the general female population), and could routinely be pulling $300-500 a shift from thirsty customers, in more ways than one. Models, product promoters, and Youtubers are also all at a grea

    • ... great competitive advantage to make more money while they are young.
      Even while seeking jobs which don’t necessarily correlate to directly flaunting their bodies (secretary, receptionist, etc.), fit women stand a very good chance at being on the short-list for employment opportunities compared to their fatter compatriots.
      We got this job because like, we’re really smart and stuff!
      4. Increased Social Capital
      C’mon. When in the course of human history was the fat chick ever the most popular girl in school? When was the fat chick ever a top priority to invite over to parties, or be accepted into the most sought-after sororities? Moving up exclusively to the modern era, when was a young fat chick ever the most followed girl on Instagram or Snapchat?
      When it comes to social opportunities and popularity contests, and the frequent discharges of serotonin and dopamine they will bring, fit women have everything to gain while overweight women have everything to lose...

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    • Conclusion
      Fox News commentator Andrea Tantaros is absolutely correct. The only people who would be truly offended by the “Beach Body Ready” ads are people who have dumpy looking aesthetics and higher than average jealousy issues.
      Our feminist society wants women to accept collective mediocrity in regards to excess body fat, and to tear down advertisements which encourage health, beauty, and self improvement. However, I’m sure they would be perfectly fine with an advertisement for bull rings and blue hair dye though.
      So to hell with the feminist haters, and ladies (we know you’re there), get started with a gym routine if you haven’t already. Your quality of life will improve tremendously. Do it for America, more than anywhere else.

    • Sorry, I didn't read much into your manifesto about weight because you were pretty much off on a tangent. Most of the men responding to this take took it to mean it was some take about "fat chicks," to put it deftly, but a woman can genetically have a small body with big boobs, or a big butt and small boobs, or big feet and small everything else. Frankly I could care less about everything you've written because this take wasn't about that. It was about helping women who don't have some "perfect" measurement find clothing that suits their body because no amount of push ups, or running is going to get rid of what they were given genetically.

  • I <3 BIG women😉

    • Haha, love how you went anon. Scared in case you get slated by fat haters?

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    • @Shorty1991 just asked it
      Don't mind
      And oh well I have hairy chest and back as well😞

    • Hahaha you sizing me up again? Seriously I don't know. Its been ages since I last weighed myself.

  • must be nice to be fat. I bet all fit people want to be like them. i know i want to be fat

  • Don't hurt me


  • i won't fuck a girl who isn't chubby a chubby girl is soft has a lot of soft booty and a sexy soft body for me to fuck and they eat good food what more can a man ask for?

  • What about thighs?

    • thighs would fall under the category of hips/butts

What Girls Said 7

  • I have no idea why these butthurt people are commenting.

    The take isn't saying "OMG WE MUST ALL BE FAT" or "promoting obesity" as some put it, it's just saying that if you are fat, you should be able to love yourself too, no matter your size. Of course it's unhealthy to be overweight, but does it mean that you should hate yourself? No! You should be allowed to love yourself and wear cute clothes as well. That's all I wanted to say. 😒

  • Why are the men on here so butthurt about this Take? She's not promoting BEING fat and unhealthy, just that if you are, you don't have to look like a bum. Dress your size and you look much better. The end. I'm not understanding the animosity.

    • First, I clearly wrote this take for women. So why there are 14 responses, most of them negative from men alone, I have no clue. Second, no matter your size, people have to wear clothing and rather than look like crap, there is nothing to say you can't look just as good no matter the size. I'm glad you understand that. Thanks so much for your comments :)

  • The only lyrics thing I didn't rely agree with was the no crop top thing. I've worn a few and they haven't looked bad despite having some pudge around my stomach area. Everything else was spot on tho. Great Take!

  • If you're over size 12, the best store is Torrid.

  • I love how you wrote this! Beautifully done and excellent advice!

  • I'm one of the unfortunate ones with no curves, a belly, and ugly thighs.

  • Tbh, for anybody, the biggest thing is the cut of the item. Peplum for example that you mention, can look terrible or stunning, depending on how it's made. Same with every shape jeans. Same with everything. That's why you gotta try everything on before you buy it. This applies to everybody, no matter their size. I notice most girls just buy a cute top or nice jeans and never actually get something that looks like it was cut just for them.

    • Absolutely. I think someone else mentioned a clothing item she felt looked good on her, and I wouldn't disagree because everyone also has a different body shape, some hold weight or size in different areas, so one woman's treasure, is one woman's oh hell no! LOL. I would also go beyond just the cut to say, tailor the piece to actually fit your body. All these sizes we have in stores are generic and don't take into account your personal body shape. Tailoring is a great way to get excellent fit.

    • So true on both points. I've seen certain items I thought were ugly, then on the right person they looked amazing.
      And yea, i so badly wish I could tailor (or could be bothered to learn lol) I'd tailor everything ugh... people who can do that are so lucky. I'm not about to pay for everything I buy to be tailored lol

    • I used to say that, and well, still do, but I definitely am a fan of tailoring key pieces that I know I'm going to wear a lot or that I want to make a statement with. Cotton t-shirts, not so much. My friend took me to her tailor who does the stuff for so cheap (she really should be charging more). I've been going to her ever since.