The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)


Is February the month of love, or lust? I'll let you decide.

Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the greatest Social Media Influencers currently on the internet right now.

Keep in mind, these lists are just for fun. I'm not shaming any certain body types, or ostracizing anyone for their looks. All of these influencers want to be advertised.

Let's get the list started. If you want to read part one, click here part two, click here

Huda Kattan-37 years old

Instagram Handle: @hudabeaty

Youtube Username: Huda Beauty

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Out of all places, Huda Kattan the Iraqi-American is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and has been dubbed the top Social Media Influencer of all time, with approximately 48 million followers on her Instagram Account, and millions of subscribers on her Youtube Account.

Huda is a Makeup Artist, beauty vlogger, entrepreneur, and the founder of the Huda Beauty Cosmetics line. She has inspired many women, particularly women who are racial minorities,

Sophie Brussaux-31 years old

Instagram: @sophieknowsbetter

TikTok: @sophieknowsbetter

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Sophie is originally from France, moved to the United States of America(USA) in New York City, New York for a fashion modeling career, and then moved to Canada for her career as an artist. Oh, and she is the mother of the kid of the famous rapper Drake, and she founded the Arts Help Company.

On top of all of this, she is a full time mother, and is very generous to the communities in Ontario, and other Canadian provinces.

Viking Astryr-Age(unknown, but probably late 30s)

Instagram Handle: @vikingastryr

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Originally from Colombia, and later moved to Los Angeles, California in the United States of America(USA), little is known about the mother of three "Viking Astryr". We know she has a serious backside, some serious curves, and she's not afraid to show them. We also know that she is concerned with the global environment, and other racial justice issues.

Autumn Nelson-26 years old

Autumn is pictured on the right.
Autumn is pictured on the right.

Instagram Handle: @colors_of_autumnn94

TikTok Handle: @body.auty

Twitter Handle: @colorsofautumnn

Autumn is unique in many ways: She has had a major 100+ pound weight loss, she's from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, she's been married for years, and she has many pictures posted with her husband, siblings, and mother.

Autumn now lives in San Diego, California, where she is a full time social media influencer, and fashion model. She runs the internet company Autumn's Angels, and is an influencer for women struggling to lose weight, or wanting to embrace their curvaceous bodies.

Autumn has big things going for her. She's hoping to start having kids once her husband returns from his military service.

Jamie Misleh-22 years old

Instagram Handle: @miskhalifa

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Jamie is a Fashion Model who just graduated from Georgia State University in 2020. She's originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and has recently moved to Houston, Texas.

Jamie has a powerful, and emotional story. In her Senior Year of high school, she battled anorexia. Then, after defeating anorexia, she gained a substantial amount of weight, which she then went on an ironic weight loss journey.

Her struggles with her weight, as well as her modeling career, is an inspiration for women everywhere.

Brittany Knight-22 years old

Instagram Handle: @brittanyyknight

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Brittany is from Windham, Ohio, and is a College Softball Pitcher for the University of Pittsburgh(often referred to as "Pitt").

For Pitt Softball, here are Knight's career statistics: 4.93 ERA, 24 Complete Games, 3 Shutouts, 3 Saves, 177 Strikeouts, and a .306 Batting Average Against percentage. She's now in her fifth year in the program, after electing to be a "Red Shirt Senior" for the 2021 College Softball Season.

Sammy-28 years old

Instagram Handle: @sammyy02k

Youtube Username: Sammyy 02k

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Sammy is from Portland, Oregon, and is a fashion model for several locations in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States of America(USA). With about 4 million followers on Instagram, she has risen to be one of the most popular plus-size Social Media Influencers of all time. For this alone, she's an interesting influencer, and a positive influence for women who struggle with their weight everywhere.

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)
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    why is it that every mytake you post has a bunch of pictures of obese women whose asses are five times too large for the rest of their bodies? they are fat ugly freaks, what's up with that? are you a fat chick pretending to be a guy or what?
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      Thanks for MHO.

  • have_a_good_day
    I didn't read any of this.

    So I'm just gonna add a recent influencer I've found and quite like: sweet anita

    She's a gamer girl with Tourette Syndrome. She mixes humor with self acceptance and teaches people about the disease
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  • SavageGirl101
    I dont know any of these people cause i dont go on social media to look at womens ass😂
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  • Anonymous
    More like "The social media influencers with HUUGE hips that i jerk off to everyday"
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    those ripped jeans are the dumbest thing i ever seen
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    disgusting lol
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    I've known you were a moron since you started posting these MyTakes, but you have taken it to a whole new level of stupidity here. Un fucking real. What is wrong with you?
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      LOL @ the only downvote coming from the QA. What a fucktard. I don't believe for a second that this guy is an English teacher. He calls himself "very intelligent" in his profile, which is comical. No one with an IQ over 50 would post this kind of garbage repeatedly.