How can I leave my boyfriend speechless?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6 months now, we are life partners, but he have not asked me to marry him yet. I have done the whole lingerie thing, tried to massage him(He never wants to). He does not want me to take him out to anywhere cause everything is a waste of money. He is very budget strict but there is no space in his budget for me. He never buys me something nice or anything. I want him to think that he could never let me go, and that he should appreciate me more!


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  • if you marry him you will regret it. you have a zeal for life... him ... ... ? dunno

    • Why will I regret it? I really can't imagine my life without him. He really is amazing. Don't some guys have a romantic problem. Not doing enough romantic things for their woman? Our relationship is based on who we are and not what we can do for each other. All I wanted to know is what can I do more so that this guy would think that I am a real goddess?

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    • Yes, it is true. I do not necessarily feel like I am the only one at this stage, but will it change? Will it get better?

    • no it will not. you know in your soul that he is not the right one for you longterm

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  • How to leave him speechless? Show him a calendar so he can see it's not 1954 and that his girlfriend can have a life. Why do you want to marry him exactly?

    • He is everything I have been looking for. He is patient, kind, slow to anger, he loves children, he is good when it comes to finances, he is settled. There are a lot of reasons. The main reason is because I have been waiting patiently for someone like him. He is good in so many things but our relationship. He succeeds in certain areas there, but there are so many left empty...

    • Well those are excellent reasons to stay with someone. But you have to know there are millions of women who have married for those reasons only, and they are miserable because their passion in life has gone out I think it's noble you're one of the few women these days who seems to want to marry for the right reasons, but there are tremendous drawbacks if you can't connect with him on a passionate level. Something besides paying bills has to get you excited about the next 50-60 years.

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  • Dump him.

    • Why would I want to dump him? I told him that I do not wanted to be in the relationship if it were not for one purpose, to get married. I am not the date dumper type...

    • Because it isn't s healthy relationship, and he clearly doesn't care about you.

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