What does it mean when a girl asks for your opinion about dresses?

There's this girl that I'm going after, and we hang out here and there and talk a decent amount. One time we've hung out and we went shopping to find her some clothes. And sometimes through AIM she'll send me links to dresses she might be interested.

I haven't gone on like a 'date' with her, but we've gone on like pseudo dates I guess. Like I went a trip with her and this couple that were her friends.


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  • If you're going on "pseudo-dates" that include her friends, and she's asking your advice on fashion and clothing, it means she doesn't want to date you or have sex with you. You've put yourself in the dreaded friend zone.


    Here's the big secret:

    If you want to date a girl, you must clearly establish your romantic interest. You must ask her for a date fairly quickly. And if you get a date, you must make a move to get physical with her. And if she's not interested in the same things you are, it's dishonest to her to settle for friendship when you want more. And it's dishonest to yourself for settling for less than what you want.

    Every single guy who's ended up in the friend zone put himself there. Myself included.

    Rejection stings. But it hurts a hell of a lot less than investing months or years of your life being BFFs with a girl who doesn't want to kiss you.

    And even if you're rejected, you had the courage to try for what you truly wanted.


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  • I think she wants you to buy her one..

    thats what it sounds like to me .


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  • When you say you're "going after" her, what does that mean?

    Does that mean you've asked her on a date?