Do girls prank call the guy they like?

I met this girl at her work. She's 18 and I am 20. I have been coming to this place for 2 years but we never talked and recently 2 months back she broke the ice and we started talking. For next few weeks she showed signs that she liked me. I added her on Facebook and got her number from there. We text each other for a while ans she showed interest but soon it all faded and she became less responsive and I stopped initiating too. This Christmas at 1 am I got a call from unknown number. I didn't pick it up but it kept calling so I did and as I thought it was somebody prank calling me. It was a girl who knew me very well and she talked about loving me so much and that we should get married. I laughed and played along and we soon hung up. After 5 mins I got the call again and this time I didn't pick it up but then soon I got a call from the girl I like and whom I talked about in beginning. I thought she called to say something important but it seemed odd coz we barely spoke from last few weeks and well it was the same girl who prank called me which revealed it was her as this time she didn't mask her caller ID as she wanted me to pick up the phone. She talked about the same thing again and kept repeating that she loves me. Next morning I just text her that I want to take her out to movies and that I really like her but she replied "sorry, I am seeing someone...". I replied "Its all good". Now, just last week I went to her work after a long time and she gave me this wild smile and said "hi" but we didn't talk coz there were customers but she exchanged some looks with her co workers (all girls) which made me wonder whether she did it for fun or it was a way for her to flirt? Its just bothering me coz that was really weird. Girls and guys, anyone with same experience or knowledge on this topic please share your opinions with me.
Thanks in advance :)
Do girls prank call the guy they like?
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