Is the wink ;) a sign of flirting?

I've been emailing a man for almost 2 months, We see each other every day but just in passing and to say Hi. I've given him hints in my emails that I'm interested and he has sent emails complimenting me and sending that :) wink sign. Is he flirting with me? Because when I asked him if that wink was for me then he doesn't email for a couple of days. He is 38 and single. Why, if he's flirting and showing interest won't he make the next step and ask me out? I'm 41 divorced with three young kids which he knows about because he is a teacher and has them in his class. He tells me how well behaved they are and has told me that I have done a great job with them. He even uses my kids as examples in his class and asks them questions about me. It would seem he's interested but he's not making the moves. Is it true that if a man were truly interested HE would make a move for us to get together? Maybe he's just not that into me, but then stop with the 'HOT' compliments and wink signs. Men.what does this mean in your eyes? Women.have you run across this frustrating dilemma?
Is the wink ;) a sign of flirting?
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