I am disappointed that my crush has a girlfriend what should I do?

I have started to like a guy and he has showed a lot of signs of liking me back. I did not act on this as I was suspicious as to why there is a girl always around him. I found out Saturday that she's his girl. I don't get it. He flirts with me and gets all nervous and when he's with her he can't take his eyes off me. He don't look at her the way he looks at me. I can see she's a bit of a trashy girl and I'm a good girl. I keep thinking maybe he just has sex with her. He does not seem affectionate and he does not seem like he's attracted to her. I can see a mile off that she likes him from the way she follows him and links his arm. He looks like he just goes along with it. I felt a connection when I spoke to him. He was nervous and I was too. On Saturday I got my sister to talk to him and he said that me and him are just friends. He also said that he thinks I'm nice and that he likes me. She then asked is that girl your girl? He replied yes and my sister said then why are you talking to my sister. He said OK I won't. If he wanted me would he have said I want to be with her. I'm really crushed about this. I feel like we would be good together. She sees him stare at me. An he only speaks to me when she's not around. Help please?
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He made me start to like him and now I have to watch him with this girl. They live on my road.
I am disappointed that my crush has a girlfriend what should I do?
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