Does the "compliment and walk away" approach really work?

I was watching a show where two guys were competing over who could get more dates in one week. The one guy, at first, was not doing it right, while the other guy was getting girls left and right. While the guy who was getting girls, is pretty attractive, he also sort of had game, of course. He would eventually fall for one of the girls and they called the bet off but...before they did, the other guy finally found out one of the secrets, if not, THE secret to hitting on a woman.

Walk up to her, say hi, compliment something (you could do her shoes, however, it's better to be unique, especially since it can be considered gay, to compliment shoes)..and simply, walk away.

It supposedly makes her go "what the f***" inside her head "why isn't he hitting on me, am I not that attractive". So, she actually wound up walking over to him and asking if he wanted her number to call her sometime. He got all seven digits and was so happy. This started a chain reaction and was getting girls left and right.

So...ladies, does this work on you

Men, what's your luck, if you've ever used this
Does the "compliment and walk away" approach really work?
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