Says I'm like a Brother then starts flirting?

This girl rejected me, said I'm the same as her other guy friends and said I was like a brother. A little time later I started to tease her for whatever reason, she responded by teasing me back. In fact she seems to start it most of the time. We have intense staring matches that seem to last 10 seconds+ and when she breaks eye contact she looks away with a huge smile. Some people have even started to ask me if were dating and it seems ask her too. When I say were not dating they all tell me she is obviously interested. I was always told that brother means you have NO CHANCE, so what is going on?
+1 y
I kind of sadly agree with you all about the attention thing. However I don't get why she would continue to flirt with me, but shut down and stop a bunch of other guys who flirt with her. If she just wanted the attention wouldn't more guys= more attention?
Says I'm like a Brother then starts flirting?
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