Asking a girl out problem... Is she freaked out by me asking her out?

Hey it would really help if I only get from a girl's point of view. No offence guys but I mean this is related to girls so yeah, you get what I mean.

So there's this girl who after observing for quite long likes me, she does all this stuff like preening her hair while she is facing me and ya you know how it goes.

So when I fb message her b4 this she replied like few min after. But now when I suggest her a day to go out(she already somehow agreed on going out by asking when to go out, I think) she takes like very long to reply like an hour or something.

So how can I assure her that I just want to take her out just to have fun, nothing serious. Or should I just tell a lie and say that i`ll be busy the whole holiday and cancel the going out plan. I asked her out by the way if you want to know.

Because what I'm thinking now is that she might be thinking through asking her out I'm expecting something to happen or be in a relationship with her which I actually don't want to. I do like her but in my way of seeing things, being friends but each knowing they like each other is a much better option.

Do you think its a mistake for me to finally express to her that I feel the same way all this while or should I have just kept my mouth shut till she loses interest, but i`ll still like her though.

Asking a girl out problem... Is she freaked out by me asking her out?
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