Why women fall for you after one night stands

Why women fall for you after one night stands

Note: This is not a woman-trapping take. Thank you!

1. You treat them like human

Kindness speaks volumes. Most people get things done by being shitty. And that is how in my opinion, less is really really really really more sometimes. I'm not encouraging stone fishes here. All I'm saying is your general criticism might be mistaken as "weird form of affection". My friends often think of me as the sweetest and I really have no idea why.

In other words, they confuse your considerateness with kindness.

2. Virgins or Crushes

This is why you should never bed a sweetheart or be a first to virgin. An attachment pattern follows. Sort of like classical conditioning during early years of childhood.

Mom provides milk, mom smiles, mommy good.

Try avoiding people who have or had crush on you just to be safe.

3. Fairytale part and Substitute Love

Normally expected to die as you age but some people strongly believe these things... The soulmate theory for instance. Needless to say, they'd do anything to live the story and be " happily ever after". Even if that means chasing you to the end of the earth.

Either really unrealistic peeps or deranged ones who can't define love because of their toxic env and care givers.

Desperate romantics here. Or, just people who could use therapy & support groups and using you instead.

4. Lust and love are the same

Or better, if I'd sex with someone, i must like them right? The empath version always cracks me up.

5. You weren't clear enough

Use mikes or sirens or whatever it takes — make your intentions known to avoid hurt. People often find it easier to lie to get ahead but lemme tell you nature's rule :

Might bite you in the ass!

6. You're the most amazing fuck ever

This sounds more like something I'd do lol.

Stay tuned for awesome takes... :3

Why women fall for you after one night stands
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Most Helpful Girls

  • sadgirlfromtx

    5 is the main one to me, this happened to me. he intentionally never told me that was his plan and was just selfish and lied to me face when i asked him about it. looked me in my eyes and lied. i was angry, but now im over it. i will just never ever do that again, and probably might not even trust a man againbafter all the bsd experiences I've had with them.

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    • and to make it worse he lasted like three minutes and it wasn't good at all. all he did was ram into my vagina which caused pain. i think this helped me move on faster.

  • DizzyDesii

    #5 is the only one that really matters. He shouldve told her ahead of time that he only wanted sex so she could prepare herself. She may still end up crazy like on Fatal Attraction but at least he wouldn't be guilty of misleading her

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    • anon1903

      Exactly! If guys aren't mind readers, we're not either!!

Most Helpful Guys

  • Bandit74

    I think part of it is also that guys tend to lower their standards for casual sex while girls tend to raise them which means girls have an easier time getting casual sex from men who are conventionally more attractive than they are and conventionally more attractive than the guys they could get into a relationship with.

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  • winterfox10

    I appreciate that the clear underlying theme here is that there is absolutely no such thing as "casual" sex. Good on you for not actually saying it though. I feel like people get weird about acknowledging that, for some reason?

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    • Nah casual sex is definitely real, there's a girl I know, we meet up twice a week or so only for sex and don't take outside of sex, been doing that for a month or two and neither of us have any feelings for eachother, it's purely casual

    • anon1903

      Good for you, man

    • I would find that profoundly unfulfilling, personally. But if you can do that and enjoy it; go for it.

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  • Kaazsz

    Do most people even have one night stands? She’s probably just falling for the guy cuz women just want that guy who is able to sleep around like that. That’s why he sleeps around. Cuz all the girls want him.

    It’s her fault if she gets her feelings hurt.

    Unless the majority of the male population is really going around having one night stands? I doubt that’s the case lol.

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  • ronaldsnugs

    Stupid. Only childish insecure girls do this. Real women know, understand, talk, communicate, etc what they want, need, expect. Guys aren’t mind readers.

  • msc545

    Maybe they are pregnant and want you to pay for it?

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  • Prof_Don

    That pee pee made her go weeeee!

    That’s why.

  • Smilingqueen2

    Please remove the concept of one night stand because it plays with people lives, and hearts of the victims and spouses of the people involved

  • Ryfyle

    But what if you have no previous engagements and down to stick around?

  • Gwenhwyfar

    Sounds pretty accurate

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  • Yellovv

    Because of pleasure..

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  • Dchrls78104

    THIS is why I don't do one night stands...

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  • bklynbadboy1

    cause the sex is Good 😂

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  • scott04sa22

    They found an asshole they can put up with 😒

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