Girl who I like seems easy for everyone but me...

OK iv known her for a bit over a year and we'll iv liked her since I met her but we've never even kissed. Its not like she has personal space issues with me, we've slept in the same bed, she sits on my lap at parties, we hug, we hold hands when we are at clubs so we don't lose each other, we've played a game once when we were both really drunk where she ran her hand up my leg until she reached my genitals and I was meant to say when I started feeling nervous. The thing is she's a light drunk and gets real bad after only one or two drinks, and it seems that unlike me, my friends don't seem to care so much about taking advantage of her. I think she's hooked up with about 5 of my friends and about 3 times each. The thing is, why, when she doesn't talk to my friends and has told me she dislikes a few of them, does she keep hooking up with them? And why, when we seem to at least have some sort of mildly physical relationship, does nothing happen?

I guess my main question is, should I just wait until she gets drunk again this weekend and hook up with her myself? or do you think that my taking advantage of her would affect what we have? or my chances in the long term?
Girl who I like seems easy for everyone but me...
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