Is she potentially interested?

So me and this girl met through a mutual friend a few months back, however it's only in the last 3 weeks or so where we've been spending time in each other's company consistently.

At first, I thought nothing of any potential interest. She was polite to me, nice and welcoming, but that's all I really took on board. We'd see each other around other friends maybe once every week or two, and that was about it.

A few weeks back, however, she strongly complimented my voice after I was joking about my accent, saying it was "beautiful", made her melt, and that she "fell in love" with my voice the first time we talked to each other.
Since then we've been hanging out more consistently, albeit always with our mutual friend, mostly while we play video games with each other (in real life and online). Me and her have been getting on well in that time, a lot of laughing and joking, with little jokes too about sharing a jacuzzi, and her having a dream about us calling each other one time. We also match skins and dances in the game which our mutual friend noticed.

Aside from that, there hasn't exactly been overt flirting, but my mutual friend actually got jealous at one point a week ago. He also said that "X is really getting to like you a lot. She starting to feel more confident joking around with you", which got me wondering if she is just shy and there could be some potential interest there still. Yesterday, a friend of hers heard my voice over a party chat. The girl said that her friend said "he has a very beautiful voice so is probably very handsome" to which she said she replied "yes he is", so now I know that she thinks I'm physically attractive too.

All of this means that I would directly ask her myself, but the jealousy from my friend made me not want to risk something if I'm not sure about the interest. Do you think she could like me, or is it likely just friendly stuff?
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Is she potentially interested?
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