G@G updates review: February


My take on G@G updates (February edition)

G@G updates review: February

Hello GAGers! I would like to thank GAG staff and fellow users for their support. Last month, I shared my review and an approximately calculated review from the community with the pros and cons of each update to better give an idea to the admins about the potential room for improvement and to inform the community about the updates deeply. This is a follow-up.

1. Closed Questions

G@G updates review: February

I don't know why, but every time this site updates, a lot of users outrage at the staff and call a specific (or several) feature as the worst update the developers could implement. The last time they abolished downvotes, you guys said that the GAG team cannot do anything worse than that. This time, you repeated your statements again. It happens every single time. But you know what, change is extremely crucial (Darwin's Theory). Yeah, it can be bad sometimes but you shouldn't conflict with them. The more pressure you will exert, the more chances of failure will evolve. Help them, not ridicule them. Anyway, that "worst update in the history" implemented again this time, under which :-

⚫ Questions will be closed after 48 hours of inactivity (no new opinions).

⚫ Questions will be closed after the Asker decides to select MHO(s).

⚫ You cannot post opinions or vote polls on closed questions, but you'll still be able to like or reply to an opinion.

⚫ Your XPER level will determine how many open questions you could have. You could read more about this here.


- Now, everyone has more chances to get one's question recognised.

- Less spamming.

- Genuine questions. Due to a limit, users will likely to always ask genuine questions. No more perpetual "how do I look" and repetitive questions by XPER lv 1-2 users.

- You can let bygones be bygones?

Suggested reading :- Why I Don't Like the Idea of Having Questions Be "Closed" From More Opinions After MHO Is Selected by @mistixs


- Can easily be transgressed. You could ask and make an agreement with your GAG friends to post opinion after 40 hours or so to keep it alive.

- The lifespan of questions is so short.

- Such limits will not allure new users.

- Most of us get the best advice after a week. Our followers know us very well, but it takes time for them to log in again here and hence aren't be able to opine unless they're very active. Yes, PM is always an option tho. But who knows if a stranger could help us escaping the turmoil.

- The lifespan is so short that before we post our opinion after a long thoughtful opinion, it's over or Asker selects MHO.

- This site is all about questions and answers, right? So why limit it? Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

Suggested reading :- G@G Undone. Why G@G should stop being a FB clone and just be what it is. by editor @Chief16


I love that they finally started to care about "content", but they failed. It's not all over, they'd try different things in the future. Honestly, (believe it or not) I felt a bit better opining questions because of more variety, but at the same time, I "stopped" asking questions AT. ALL. I don't like to ask now. I will ask only if I have a serious problem, but about random things? Nah. Without questions, there will be no answers. Sometimes, I received "helpful" opinions on questions which are more than three months old. At first when I saw this thing

G@G updates review: February

I was like "yay!", but after reading the myTake describing the features, I *facepalmed*. Give us the power to close the questions. It'll help us getting rid of several threads without disavowing them, but don't close them automatically.

Plus, I started to feel like G@G is trying to become an article site (blog) rather a Q/A site. Editors, editors of the week, promotion/feature, featured Fridays (dunno if it's still a thing or not), even annual festive contests are about myTakes, not opinions. If you guys are closing questions in 48 hours, why didn't you implement it to myTakes too? Other myTakes need (deserve) attention too.

Ratings: ★ (Bad)

Community Ratings: 1/2 (Disaster)


They will revert the changes. Just keep running the movement, peacefully. Furthermore, I think they'll give us the power to close them on our desire.

2. Private Opinions

G@G updates review: February

This one is tricky. It was very hard to review this. When I first heard about this, I was very impressed and wonder how the devs could think that innovative ideas. (Honestly, no sarcasm). With this, you can :-

⚫ Post private opinions. Only the Asker and the Opinion owner can see Private Opinions.

⚫ Have an option to allow private opinions only, for your questions.


- Security. No more stalking trolls and cyberbullies.

- You can share an honest opinion. No one will judge or ridicule you for your input.

- You can privately chat on a topic and earn Xper for that too.

- You can give MHO to your favorite GAGer and no one will accuse you for favoritism.

- Now, you don't have to PM other users for private help.

- This way, you could bypass 'private profile' thing to privately chat with other members (requires luck).


- Security? Now creeps can opine anything and mods can't even help.

- Boring. It feels like I'm in a desert when I visit a private question. It detaches the community.

- Favouritism is the worst thing I feel on G@G. That point on 'pros' was sheer sarcasm. Boo!


It's great. The G@G community is saying that it is a bad feature because bullies can harass others and what's PM for? Listen, we can't PM anyone outta nowhere & there are private profiles too. Plus, we don't even know who to ask & who can help the best. This way, we'd "invite" other users to help on certain topic. For security reasons, I think G@G should allow UberMods to read private opinions & increase their monthly quota because, why not? They're allowed to read private things so it is reasonable. For boring, well... stop stalking and reading others' posts you perv lol.

Ratings: ★★★1/2 (Good)

Community Ratings: ★★ (Below average)


G@G will further continue to check this feature and maybe, they'll listen my idea to tackle security issues.

3. New notifications

G@G updates review: February

I always want new notification style because the current system was so lacklustre. But I didn't know that G@G was that enthusiastic. Now, even forever alones are getting 40+ notifications.

⚫ New notifications. I cannot mention them all. They're more than the total number of Pokémon on this planet.

⚫ You can now adjust your notification settings. (In your settings page on your profile).

⚫ A new "Mark all as read" button to clear all of the notifications which could help you clear ghost notification(s).


- No more ghost notifications.

- Refreshing.

- You can now adjust your notification preferences.

- No more messages by 'GirlsAskGuys-System' for not selecting MHO.

- You can literally "subscribe" to the people you follow.


- Bugs. So many bugs.

- Useless notifications. So many useless notifications. So many useless notifications. So many useless notifications. So many useless notifications. So many useless notifications. Isn't it frustrating?

- There is no ghost notification. It is actually a legit notification that is from @mention. By "marking all as read", you may clear one or more important notification(s). This is faux ghost notification. False positive.

- Some don't even make sense. (refer myTake/scroll down)


Nobody cares about "A poll you voted on has final results" & "Someone else's opinion is chosen as the Most Helpful Opinion".

G@G updates review: February

Bellegirl21 and Bellegirl21 replied to your opinion"...". There are not two BelleGirl21. It should be like Bellegirl21 replied to your opinion"...", no matter how many times she replied. Simple English. We are not even receiving important notifications (I know that you already know). And please, do something about that @mention bug. It's not ghost notification.

Ratings: 1/2 (Disaster)

Community Ratings: 1/2 (Disaster)


No one liked them. Even you know about this. It will be fixed sooner or later.

4. Versatility

G@G updates review: February


The last time I shared myTake, this site didn't support the black dots I used on PC version (⚫⚫⚫) They were supported on mobile version tho. But now, they're working flawlessly. (I checked my previous take and they were there even on PC version). I think G@G now support various other characters as well. I'll add another character (peace symbol) to check if it'll come in original state or it'll get converted into emoji (like it used to). I don't know if G@G actually did anything or not but at least, I noticed that change and I'm very happy. Thanks.

Ratings: ★★★★★ (Perfect)

Community Ratings: (N/A)

5. No fillers required

G@G updates review: February

Now, you don't need to add filler WHILE posting photo/video opinion/reply.


- Saves time.

- Productive.


- N/A

Ratings: ★★★★★ (Perfect)

Community Ratings: N/A [I don't think anyone noticed that, but if anyone did, then - ★★★★★ (Perfect)]

6. Thumbs up

G@G updates review: February

Oh boy, look at this. What have you done. You won! Congrats. There is no point in talking about this anymore. However, in order to give credits:


- Stupid heart is gone


- Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


Downvotes are coming back. I cannot tell what they'll be called. I'll be more than happy if they'll be given classic upvote/downvote name. After a lot of struggle, you proved that how much power common users have. Finally, you finally got

G@G updates review: February




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PS: This take is not meant to offend anyone. I don't take responsibility that all of the information provided in this myTake is 100% correct. I'm just a regular user of this site and I wrote what I observed.

Calculation criteria for community ratings is based on several different attributes.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. I tried my best to stay impartial and elaborate every update. My apologies in advance if I missed anything or hurt the sentiments of anyone.

What about you? How do you rate each update? Share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

PS: Please read this myTake. Don't just read it, feel it. Someone's job is on line. Someone is working hard to make YOU happy. Don't disrespect them. Cheer them up. We all make mistakes. Hope everything will be alright in March and we'd enjoy this site like never before. ☮PEACE☮


Game on folks, believe!

G@G updates review: February
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Most Helpful Girl

  • RainbowFanGirl

    Good take. I hope they eliminate the private opinions and Closed questions soon. Those two things are an absolute mess. Closed questions literally has no purposes but to piss off people. I know they want other questions to get attention but they can go about in a better manner than that. I actually love receiving a bunch of opinions on my questions, whether it be right away or months down the line. I'm sure many feel the same. You may end up getting the best answer months down the line anyway. Also, private opinions are pointless and redundant when there is already a pm feature implemented. Also it gives another way for pervs to prey on underage girls and women (and also for girls to prey on guys.) it will end up turning this website into a dating site, which wasn't it's intended purpose. This is a public forum and every opinion hat you post should be made visible. If you have something private to say then share it with the person in a pm or ask to pm them.

    Also I wish they would bring back the option to follow questions and takes. I loved that feature because it saved me time and I didn't have to scroll through questions to answer them. I could just save them to the follows tab. This would be great along with the downvote. I wish we could go back in time when both of these features were available. That was when gag was nearly perfect but now it's just a mess.

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    • Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.
      Good thing is, "follow" feature is coming back.

      Thanks for reading and your in-depth input :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • ThisDudeHere

    The reason we say that they can't do anything worse every time they update is because we naively think that they actually cant'. Until they do. The closed question after 48 hours is the worst thing since Hitler. And the reason I'm not saying that anything could be worse is because I will hold on to the hope that they won't try to make something worse.

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    • Hahaha this is funny :)
      Well, downvotes are coming back. Maybe closed questions will also get its treatment soon.

    • douride2

      You say the downvotes are coming back really? Is that like the follow question thing that was coming? It hasn't shown up yet. Besides if it's coming back why wait just do it.

    • douride2

      This was aimed at the Take owner

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  • 9mfeo

    I think the private opinion thing is just a good way for users to be harassed. Especially on the HDIL topics where the asker is an underage girl posing provocatively for attention - now it's okay for her to be sexually harassed. Is that the kind of community we want to build here?

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    • Allow UberMods to read them, problem solved.

    • 9mfeo

      They'll never go for that because that would actually make sense and be a good solution.

  • TheDevilInside

    50% of the now active users were to boycott gag and just not log in, I'm sure the stupid, stupid admins would all get their pants on fire.

    I hate it also how you now can have only 3 open questions. And in order to close a question, you have to pick mho. But mho cannot be picked if 24 hrs hasn't gone by. Another idiotic move which might be good to deter New users from spamming, but not fair for US longer users. I want my 5 questions a day quota!!! Motherfuckers

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  • BelleGirl21

    I think this is a great take and much more well thought out than the updates.
    The only thing I see differently is that this could increase spam. People xan ask stupid questions and then quickly pick mho. They get the points but don't have the headache of more opinions. Great way to quickly increase levels if you ask me.

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    • Maybe. But I don't think Xper hunters have any kind of headache at all. They just don't care about the notifications.

      Thanks :)

  • starryeyedkitten

    I've said it before and I'll say it again I do not like this update how dare they take down my question about older men congratulating them on the how hot they are! Do you see the type of crap that's on the site and they decide to take down my Post? This update could make anyone want to leave. Bite me moderator who did this BITE Me!!!

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  • ClariceOwen23

    The only thing that bothers me about the private opinions is this: https://i.imgur.com/wwgOoxE.png

    Shouldn't we also have the option to NOT allow private opinions? I personally don't want them on my questions.

    And the closed questions is absolutely ridiculous. I can't see any use for it

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  • BertMacklinFBI

    when will they learn!

    *someone yells from back of crowd*


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    • now will you look at that, i fucking typed "never..." and they just took away my fucking explanation marks. what the fuck.

    • wow they did it again, took away my fucking explanation marks after the word never. this shit is fucking annoying.

      their new auto-correct system does not allow different punctuation marks simultaneously.

      Well, we will tell our kids that we are the ones who used the golden 2014 G@G.

  • vishna

    The closed question after mhg is so annoying. It's like a gnat flying next my ear.

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    • The whole 'closed question' thing is annoying.

    • vishna

      it is, it's ridiculous. I don't know who thought users would be ok with it.

    • They were just trying to ameliorate the content. The bad thing is that they're experimenting on us.

  • ChromAzonyx108

    I keep hearing that downvotes are coming back but I haven't seen them yet. Will it also take them so long to get rid of closed questions?

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  • tyber1

    I hate the closed questions and the updates. I will go to comment on someone's question and it'll already be closed. It also means my questions get closed sometimes when I've had only like 1 or 2 answers, when before they would sometimes trickle in after.

    Also, with the notifications I now not only get notifications for things I don't care about, but I sometimes don't get notifications on my own questions or when someone responds to me. I'll go back to a question and see that someone wrote back to me but it never showed up.

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    • I agree with you dude. You can turn the unnecessary notifications off tho.

  • OrdinaryGentleman

    Jesus dude you went all out, nominate this guy please.

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  • GoldCobra

    I'm the black guy with the Afro talking to that girl and secretly seducing her. She cannot resist the fro!

  • Chief16

    This is exactly the stuff I'm talking about.

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