Top 6 myTakes of The Week: What Not To Do When Rejecting A Guy & More

Every week the best myTakes get promoted and featured on the front page, a select few actually make it on this weekly “top myTakes” list. A lot of things are considered when we choose these top myTakes; view count, number of opinions and the amount of times each myTake has been shared on social media. A good myTakes has a mixture of all three.

This list is not a popularity contest, it is a way of showing the GAG community some myTakes they may have missed or a few they may have overlooked throughout the week.

Here are this week's best in no particular order:

1. What Not to Do When Rejecting a Guy

BY @theatreguyTop 6 myTakes of The Week: What Not To Do When Rejecting A Guy & More

2. A Look at GAG Moderation

By @xHoneyxBeex

3. Why The Statement "All Guys Care About Is Sex" Is Utter Nonsense

By @Riggers

4. 5 Guys To Date

By Anonymous

5. Lets Face Reality - Being Black In America Sucks

By Anonymous

6. Why I've Decided To Leave My Pubes Alone

By Anonymous

Keep up the good work, GAGers!

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  • Oh, that's nice of you then. I've already answered most. I think the MyTake about "5 Guys To Date" is really interesting.

  • Thanks for that