Why do unattractive men approach me?

I'm writing this because recently one of my friends decided to play match maker and hook me up with one of her friends who thinks i'm attractive. Sadly, the feeling isn't mutual, I'm not attracted to him at all. Lately, a lot of guys have been hitting on me and most of them have been unattractive. This confuses me because I see attractive guys checking me out all the time, but they never approach me, only unattractive guys do. The guy my friend tried to hook me up really took me by surprise because he's not my type at all. He's very sweet but i'd never consider dating him and the fact that she tried to hook us up makes me second guess myself. He's bald, sort of chubby, has a weird sense of humor and smokes weed on a regular basis. I like my guys to be athletic, tall, have hair, and no smoking. I'm skinny, I have some curves, I dance, I don't smoke (PERIOD) and I rarely drink. I don't mean to sound shallow, I'm not a perfect 10 but I do think I look good enough to pull attractive men. So what do you think is the problem, why don't they approach me as much?
Why do unattractive men approach me?
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