The feminization of men? Have you too noticed a switch in gender roles?

I'm noticing a trend these days in the dating world, more guys want to be courted. Men want women to approach them & ask them out on dates, and once on the date they go dutch or expect the woman to pay. I've even seen the most extreme: Women Proposing To Men? There are even men looking for a woman to take care of them, like his mom did. LOL, is this the new trend? Have you too noticed a switch in gender roles?
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Brief Summary :
1. There is a lot of assuming & misplaced fear going on in the dating world that's holding people back from finding a partner.
2. Going on dates=Spending a lot of money to most, which it shouldn't unless you're trying to be someone you're not
3. All guys watch the street harassment video & use it as a tool how not to approach females lol! This may land you a date!
4. Guys are hung up on women using them for money, when most of them aren't the guys who make a lot of money?
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The Cut & Paste Police Are In Full Effect. Your comments were filled with generalities & nothing that warranted any deep thought. You would know this by my responses to those who did have something worth reading, which you bypassed instead of weighing in on. My life doesn't revolve around you. Your behavior is exactly the same as the courtesy, you do not want show women. You want attention & to feel special by me spending all my time thoughtfully responding to your comments. ***Modern Courting:
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Paying for the date is not about the money:
The marriage rate is down, because people can't get a date right:
to some men paying equals sex after the date
women offering to pay so they don't feel obligated to sleep with the guy
women on dates for free dinners
romancing/courting vs dating/buying a women -know the differences
online vs traditional dating - they're not the same
cost for a babysitter is a growing concern
The feminization of men? Have you too noticed a switch in gender roles?
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