Boyfriend is sick and acting distant?

Yesterday I talked to him fine but today not much at all. He say his sinuses are bothering him which is bad but I dont get why he is acting distant all of a sudden. He hasn't been texting me right back like usual and when he does it is a big gap, and has not called me at all today. I am trying to be considerate but I feel like he is ignoring me and i'm ready to kick him to the curb. I asked did he get any rest and he said a little. He lives with family, so I dont understand why he is not communicating today. Would I be wrong and should I be considerate? Should I say something to him? I asked when he is feeling better do you want to communicate and he said we can
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Thanks everyone I did not know this. I'm used to guys ignoring me for stupid reasons other than good ones.
Boyfriend is sick and acting distant?
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