A mega flirt or a creep?

So this Guy (a coworker) wich ireally liked during the summer (followed him around like a puppy but never had the guts to act like it because i felt something was off. Turns out he has a a girlfriend in the country he studied in when he went abroad) now does a lot of this;
* Trying to get my attention
* Making remarks to little details i told him once months ago that my sister doesn't even remeber
* When we were out clubbing in the same club (wasnt planned Just tan into him) he kept trying to get me to drink (i dont and he knows that) and make out with a girl right in front of me while looking at me before he did that, during and after (i was like care..)
* If i make a joke like; under my eyes i got this huge dark circles. Baggs you can call them. But i am going for the suitcase look he said oh i thought you were going for the hooker look

I said something to him wich ended me saying well that ain't good for your ego he said well yes my ego Just dropped to my pants height
(He makes these kind of suggestive/creepy comments whenever we exit the office, never inside)

* He is quite interested in my dating life and asks like hey you just refurnished your attic i heard. Turned into a sm attic or something? Not like you were getting any action there before right?

* He points out stuff of my face like that my philtrum is narrow (wtf) and he thinks that i have interesting stand off/stand out features as a whole.

*We are both nerdy gamers and now whenever he gets boter he starts to humm gaming themes songs from games he knows i like

*We have these inside Jokes from the summer that we both sometimes reference (we did had a lot of shifts together and not much to do so we had our fun/joking moments at work) and then he gets all happy and puppy like
*Also he likes to het a little to close in my personality space; no touching really Just quite close

Idont like him anymore. I wanna be normal coworkers and be Nice and friendly, maybe have or Jokes every now and then like normal people?
+1 y
I gave him the cold shoulder starting from September and two weeks ago i was like maybe talk to him again since we need to work together for 8 hours (and he is not bad company when he is not being so creepy) and in those past 2,5 months i Saw him flirting with every new girl who looks a bit like me (blonde Hair blue eyes fair skin). Even the girl at the club was a look a like in a way.

If he wanted me he could have had me this summer when i was crushing on him and didn't know he had a girlfriend
A mega flirt or a creep?
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