Why are people so mean to "ugly" people?

I am a 16 year old girl in high school. In middle school I was teased for being ugly and having a big nose . My freshman year and high school , I once walked into the gym because I had to go to P.E. and the whole basketball team was laughing at me when I walked in, because I am ugly. I was always the butt of the Joke "your uglier than Alisha (that's my name)/that girl right there"

"she's so ugly " a girl in my gym glass once said as she whispered to her friend as she walked by while staring at me.

I know it's not my personality, these people don't know me personally. In the 10th grade, I audited a freshman class and the first day I walk in all the kids laugh at me and one girl said jokingly "Hey, my friend likes you!" This happens to me constantly "Hey, my friend like you" is what people say to me to tease their friends . I sometimes hear "Do you think that girl's pretty" and usually they say no. People talk about me while sitting across from me, an inch away. I am in the 11th grade now and as I was walking to the school buses a kid yelled at me at the window "Hey fat ass nose, fat ass nose!" sometimes when I walk by people I hear them say "she has a big ass nose!"

I never knew I had a big nose until someone told me. I just thought everyone had a different size nose . I never knew nose size was that important. I have never had a boyfriend. I hate to go in public now because I'm worried what people will think of me. I just wanna be treated like a human. I feel like an outcast. I sometimes wish I owned a different face. I do not wish to have children because A. I doubt anyone would want to touch me and B. I don't want my kids to be teased. Why are humans so cruel? My self esteem is now a -13 . I just wish I didn't know I was ugly so I could be more confident. What's wrong with people these days? I feel like I am at a lower class of human being. I feel even worse for the fact that all they guys I crush on are the type I'd never have a chance with and they are always the "hot" popular guy at school. So why do people always put others down?
Why are people so mean to "ugly" people?
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