Never initiates texting. Is he shy or uninterested?

Shy guy i like never messages me first (even when i waited 3 weeks) and hardly ever asks questions over text. He does however reply to my questions with lots of detail and remembers things I've told him. We have met up 3 times (i asked him every time) and he said it was nice seeing me each time at the end. Is there a chance he likes me but is acting uninterested because he is shy or should i take the hint and give up?
I should also point out that he is very nerdy and hardly goes on his phone. He told me never excitedly once that he's managed to block all notifications on it.
+1 y
Quite a lot of people are saying i should ask him. The rest think i should give up but dont want to give up without knowing as i never like anyone. Im 21 and he's only the second crush I've ever had so dont want to risk throwing it away in case he does like me back. If he doesn't like me i would still like to be friends though.
How do i tell him i like him? I won't see him til September now and im too shy to call him so my only contact with him is over text which isn't ideal
Never initiates texting. Is he shy or uninterested?
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