What do you think about guys, who mainly complain about (western) modern women?

These typ of guys mainly blame girls for their bad relationships with women. Furthermore, they also complain especially about modern western women how they are not traditional, submissive and innocent virgins anymore or how they can't cook/ pleasure their husbands or how women these days are trash, worthless and caarer whores. So in short, these guys are pussies and attract only toxic and bad girls because that is what they are. Sorry but you just attract what you are as I mentioned. I am not saying women are angels but only blaming women for your failures makes you a pussy. I also hate how some of them fetishisize muslim/arabic/asian women because they are still traditional. Bitch, I am muslim myself and muslim women are hella materialistic and so you can't afford any kind of these women. A turkish/muslim wedding costs about 15.000-30,000 euros exclusive the gold gifts and most of them are paid by the man. But these idiots call their own women golddiggers for them excepting a man to be a provider/ to pay the dates lmao and you will be a laughing stock if you dont pay a date where I am from.
I am not saying this is good and i myself dont except a man to pay anything for me but my parents would not allowed that - but that is another story. By the way, yes some muslim women also use swear words/insults like another people of another religions because we are not angels but i am also not that religious and i just said that before a fucktard asks why i wrote this post in an offensive language.
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I am just tired of ton of questions/takes that complain about (western) women on gag. If you hate women so much, dont date and go your own way without spamming us on gag. As i mentioned i am not a white girl and I live in an western country but i am from turkey for your Information.
What do you think about guys, who mainly complain about (western) modern women?
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