Would most average men in their 40s to 50s not dear to flirt with a woman in her 20s?

There's this older man at work called George, he's probably around 40 to 50 years old. We both really get on as he's always joking around and so I am. We both have good banter together but I know men can take banter with women as flirting sometimes.

I have banter with most men because I enjoy joking around and men take it better than women do. Men don't mind having the piss took out of them and find it funny.

George has been married once before when he was very young and has two grown children and grandchildren. He's now married too a much younger lady, she's a really pretty girl and had similar physical traits as me. They have two young children together.

George loves his women and sometimes makes very crude sexual jokes. He loves watching and reading very raunchy things. He's not afraid to admit that he likes sex with women and the women at work have warned me but he's a womanizer and likes young white girls.

George has also worked on and off at the company since he was 24 years old and he's amitted when he was younger to me but he was a trouble maker and would get his dick out at work as a running joke because he's black. Times were different back when he was in his 20s in the UK and men could get away with that sort of behaviour at work and it was seen as funny.

I try and brush off what the women say to me about him at work. Deep down George is a lovely soul and he gets my vibe, he knows I have a boyfriend and I'm kinda shy so don't talk about sex and he respects that and has never made me feel uncomfortable and I think he'd feel awful if he did. Whatever George does in his spare time or when he was a young lad is none of my business and not my place to judge. I think some of the women just don't understand why the man get on with me and assume it must be a sexual thing.
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I'm also the youngest at work by YEARS. Most if not all are at least over 40 years old and I know what the work place is like and how men think.

Everyone has that person at work they'd rather bang than anyone else of the opposite gender in the work place and that person has to be the eye candy even if they are pretty average looking. Its a low stock high demand situation at my work place.

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Most the women at my work are grandmothers so when a 20 something year old comes along they are seen as hot shit and all the men look to them but wouldn't actually try anything.

Before me there was another young girl at work who wasn't so shy and apparently he's always make flirty jokes towards her. These women are hypocrites at my work because as soon as a young man come in from another department the like a dog on heat
Would most average men in their 40s to 50s not dear to flirt with a woman in her 20s?
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