Why would someone delete me over a dating app, while still texting me?

Probably not a huge deal, just want to see what people would say. I started talking to a guy I matched with over a dating app, who super-liked me just yesterday. He lives an hour away from me, is gorgeous, is a business owner, so he’s busy. Over the app, he gave me his # to text him and schedule a time to zoom with him. On the app, initially, he messaged me first. He only responded to me after I double texted. I did what he asked me, though. We’re zooming on Thurs.

This evening I just went to look at his pic again this on the app, and he has seemingly disappeared from it. Gone. Even though we’re still texting. (He only just disappeared a bit ago because I was able to look his profile/pics not very long ago.)

When we were texting a little bit, in the afternoon, he tried to FaceTime me out of the blue after I shared a fact about me and asked him two (not complex, or strenuous) q’s. I didn’t answer the call, as I was busy: out and about. To that I just told him “missed your call, out with the mom at the moment” and a smiley emoticon. I’m not sure any of his behavior sounds elusive or odd.

That all said, at 10:30pm tonight (so, later) he texted “As you can tell I’m more of a phone caller than a texter haha. You seem like a great woman though! Very excited to get to know you” (This would have been after or around when his disappearing from the app occurred, by the way.)

I’m really just wondering why he disappeared over the app! Is this weird? Is he trying to make me worry like this so I get more bonded to him, emotionally, and so he gets more into my head?

He did explicitly say he prefers call over text; maybe he just didn’t see a point in keeping me on the app when we’re already texting and now have a plan to zoom. The chat on the app sucks. But taking me off means he can’t see my photos now at all, either. Anyway, instead of deleting me, he might’ve just deleted his whole account on there, even as we just met. ? That is still a likely possibility.
Why would someone delete me over a dating app, while still texting me?
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