Guys, if a girl sits or puts her feet on your lap, do you get hard?

There is a guy I like who is a friend, today him, another girl, and I were hanging out. We were watching stuff on TV and I rested my head on his thigh facing the TV, we were chatting so I moved my head around to talk. I also sat on his lap at times. He kept trying to keep a pillow over his crotch. Later on my feet were in his lap and he was trying to tickle me to see if I would react by running his hands from my thighs to my feet (I had tried to tickle him earlier as a joke but he is just not ticklish), I’m ticklish so I did react and he kept doing things along those lines. My feet were in front of his dick and I’m pretty sure he was hard (we had a blanket so I couldn’t see), he adjusted himself to move my feet away but only by a bit since my feet were still resting there. He also rubbed my feet and said they were cold.

I don’t know if I’m imaging things or over exaggerating them because I like him. I’m the one who rests on him but he never pushes me away. He did text our friend asking why I was hugging him, she just said I’m affectionate which is true. So my question is, was he hard? (Also he did none of this with the other girl, she’s practically his sister).
Guys, if a girl sits or puts her feet on your lap, do you get hard?
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