Would he forgive me for this be honest?

His dad is dying and is terminally ill (cancer)
he has racked up drug billls caused his family stress and tired to get me to pick up the pieces more than just once in our one year together
even cheating rumours surfaced that he was dating men behind my back
and he even said he would never touch me I’m “too easy” i was hurt , it came up in January he was dating a man secretly he told me it wasn’t true and we worked it out it came up last week I challenged it because the person also brought up other accurate things and some news I didn’t know so i said “so your pops has PTSD? Funny how you call me crazy and a mental patient when your family are mental patient. Shame you also weren’t in that car accident”
(I was talking to his friend who told me all this his dad apparently gotten in a car accident with his friend back in 2016) i immensely regret and feel awful for all I said but I was hurting bad
Would he forgive me for this be honest?
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