A guy seems interested in me but he’s married? Or am I delusional?

I am slightly attracted to this very tall, intense guy who I’m pretty sure is in his early thirties. Im 5’3 and skinny and he’s like around 6ft so he pretty much dwarfs over me. Sometimes he touches my back or shoulder. His hand almost spans my whole back,. I never realized that I would get so turned on over big hands until then lmao. I caught him staring at me multiple times today, and even during a meeting where he got praised publicly,, his eyes quickly shot to mine. I tend to catch on pretty quickly when someone is feeling attracted to me. And I feel bad in knowing that this excites me because I know for sure that he’s married. But also, maybe my brain is making me see stuff that’s not there because I like him lol. What do y’all think
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And just as a disclaimer because some people read this and thought it said “I want to sleep with him/I want him to cheat on his wife with me” this is nothing like that… it’s like a meaningless crush that I would never do anything about. I’ve had these kinds of crushes on professors, professor assistants, even my youth pastor and the dentist that I’m shadowing 😂😂😂 This post was genuinely just made in a moment of speculation which I just can’t help but do when I have a crush on someone
A guy seems interested in me but he’s married? Or am I delusional?
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