Interested in sex only?

I went on a date with a guy who would constantly stare at me a lot when he saw me. However, he took 0 initiative himself and I had to do all the work, from talking to him to asking him to let me know when he's free.

On the day of the date, he seemed eager for physical things like hugs, even looked like he wanted a kiss but didn't seem very interested in knowing about my interests or personality as I was the only one asking him more questions about him than he was.
The only one question he asked how long is your visa for and when I told him I have 2 years, he seemed relaxed.
But nevertheless, I told him about q guy who makes me uncomfortable in one of the other campus buildings (when he asked me why i don't go to the building) and he replied with oh okay.
Like didn't seem concerned nor asked why I feel uncomfortable.

He just stares at me quite a lot, I ve also seen him staring at boobs, legs etc and by the next catch up, he seemed like he was getting annoyed with me asking what he wants to do after his doctorate degree etc.

He isn't texting me anymore and I ve deleted him and our chats. I do miss him though as I felt like I could understand him but do you think he was only into sex? If so, why ask how long my visa is valid for and then pull away?
Interested in sex only?
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