What do I do about this very awkward situation?

Hey everyone I haven’t posted on here in a while hope you all have been doing good this year. I just need some advice as usual it will be guy advice.

So I like this guy I work with except the only problem is he is a multi tasking duty manager at work meaning he’s not the main manager but he helps with how the company is run. I don’t really know when I started to like him or find him attractive… he used to give me what felt like signs such as having a reaction about my relationship status or just pretty much having banter with me like winding me up. I showed him a video of this dance I did for my sisters wedding and he made a comment about my hip movement and then referred it back to his mate. The thing is he seemed more interested to see that video then anyone else was. They have also been times where he’s asked me if I know how to back flip but I don’t and when I said that I don’t know how he would say Awwee your broken my heart with a cute little smile on his face.

Other girls at work used to think he’s just quiet with them but when it came to me I felt like he’s talkative etc I have been told by his mates to try and meet up with him after work but many attempts and I couldn’t ask him.

we stopped talking or being like that because of a friend of mine had to get involved and put shit in my head about him but since I decided to not be friends with her feelings for him or suddenly thinking damn he’s fine is back again the only problem now is that. I was on his Facebook and found that he’s friends with this guy I had a crush on from back in my very old job not only are they mates but they went to the same school it’s soo awks I just don’t know what to do about it… or this thing as a whole please help… what should I do
What do I do about this very awkward situation?
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