Why is he purposly trying to hurt me? Why does he not leave me alone?

This school classmate I liked 1 year back glares at me with sharp gaze whenever I am alone. Whenever I am around people he won't look at me but tries to be around me as much as possible. Appears in front of my eyes. He always takes time to watch my instagram stories. Like I upload quotes he watches 1 after 5 mins another after 2 mins another. He behaves normal with my friends like smiling at them and talking. He has dated few of my acquaintances. I know this guy from childhood we used to tease each other a lot. His best friend would tease him with my name. He was very sweet and kind to me. But now he behaves like a pyschopath. Only with me. I invited him to my restaurant he just said thank you so much πŸ˜‰. I try to text him he replies after hours. Whenever I am alone he looks at me like he hates me. I feel so bad. When I say hi he says hi back. But he never initiates a convo. Why does he dislike me so much. He stares at me from distance with I dont like you because you hurt me look. I removed him from my social media. He sent me req again but I removed him again.
Its not like he is a shy guy. Infact he is a player. He loves to flirt. I've always ignored him. He does something to get my attention. He knows I like him.
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He only stares at me when I am not surrounded by people otherwise he just minds his business.
Why is he purposly trying to hurt me? Why does he not leave me alone?
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