Should I make the move on my male coworker?

So I have a crush on my coworker which I don't show any interest signs because its a work place. People tell me that I look distance many times. But the coworker seem to like me too but I don't know why he ain't making move on me like let's date or shit.

-He always smiles when he see me & greet me first
-He uses my name a lot then he will with other females coworkers
-He always navigates next to me that our shoulders may touch
-He is so welcoming to my touch * I accidentally put my hand of his right hand he didn't put them away *
-He gets so quiet when I enter the room
-He looks so nervous when i approach him or talk to him but still gives me a lot of eyes * eyes staring 🤣*
-Starring when i chatting with our males coworkers

I believe he is a shy guy around me but extrovert when i am not in the room.
- He initiate small conversations about I am doing when he knows what I am doing since we work in same school
🤔I don't initiate anything I feel like I should show interest too but I don't know how. I liked him first & should I confess my feelings or it's to creepy for a female to do that. What y'all think?
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💁‍♀️When people talk to me he always looks at me from distance even when he is doing something urgent even steal glance as he walks out from the room at me not at the person that talks to me

He voices change too that shit creeped me out couple of times 🤣
Should I make the move on my male coworker?
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